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My Experience as Student Association President

This year has not come without its difficulties. At the beginning of the year, we were left with a $1,500 deficit. Of course this was not anyone’s fault in particular but it was something we had to work around.

We decided however, that we were going to have a fun year! We started out with the S.A. Handshake a Salisbury Beach just a few days after the school year started. We did activities to help each class become familiar with each other and we had free time for everyone to enjoy themselves and relax before the school year really got rolling.

Many activities and events ensued and it got really busy at the end of the 2015 year. We had the Thanksgiving celebration, then had to quickly plan Spirit week and Pep Rally for the start of the Basketball season. While planning and executing those, we had to finish planning for the Christmas banquet and Christmas party to finish off the semester. It got very busy extremely quickly, but all of the Student Association members worked very hard to make it happen. If you asked us, we would say it was all worth it to see everyone enjoying themselves and having a good time.

Second semester slowed down quite a bit. It wasn’t because we didn’t want to plan anything, but it was because there were already events going on that wouldn’t permit us to do any activities. We waited till February to do our annual Fire and Ice Mall trip to Providence Rhode Island. About half the school signed up to go and all who went enjoyed meandering around the mall and indulging in the wonderful food at the restaurant.

Then we tried to plan a Boston trip for the month of April and a Spirit Week, however we hit several roadblocks. We ended up not being able to make it happen. Fortunately we get to finish our year off with another Spirit Week (which is happening now) and an End of Year Party this Friday. We had planned on having outdoor water activities however the forecast changed to show thunderstorms so on a moments notice, we had to change plans to make everything in-doors. We have succeeded in this and it couldn’t have been possible without all the members of the Student Association.

Some Students do not often see what goes on in the Student Association, and it may seem like we don’t do much; however we all work hard throughout the year. We have all put time, effort, and money into making these events happen in attempting to make the school year a little more enjoyable.

To next year’s Student Association officers, I will say this: never give up. It may get discouraging, things will not work out at times, and students will complain and seem ungrateful. Don’t let that hold your spirits down. It happens every year! Just trust in yourselves and do the best you can, that’s all you can do. Delegate responsibilities and to ALL members of your team — lend a helping hand to your president. They may not always ask for help but I can guarantee they will need it much of the time, even if they don’t say anything. Always be looking to share ideas and always be willing to sacrifice your time. You’ll need to.

I promise you will see the fruits of your labor and it will be worth it in the end. I wish you the best of luck!

Do you have any advice for next year’s Student Association members? Let us know in the comments below!

Holiday Banquet 2015 Preview

Shh. Do you hear that? The distant sounds of bells accompanied by the laughing of teenagers? Okay, maybe not… But the inevitable has arrived along with the holiday season; the Holiday Banquet of 2015!

The last time SLA had a holiday banquet was around four or five years ago, so this year is a big year! The current SLA students have not been given the opportunity to attend a Christmas banquet before, so attendance is expected to be decent.

So here are the basic details that you’ll need for the upcoming banquet. First, only SLA students are allowed to attend the banquet (this may cause a drop in attendance from those who wanted to bring friends). The event will be held on December 15, 2015 from 6-9pm.

I spoke to the SA President, DeAnna Brown, asking why they decided to do a holiday banquet over a fall banquet this year. She responded saying that because the students hadn’t yet experienced a holiday banquet it would be new and interesting.

For transportation the bus will wait at the school from 5:30 and will depart at 5:50pm. The permission slips are due this Friday, December 4.

But now for the reveal of the location.

This year’s banquet will be held at the International in Bolton in the Grand Room. Believe me, the room does not fall short of it’s name. Take a look!


Courtesy of the International website

By the looks of it, this years’ banquet looks pretty promising! I’m looking forward to it, and I’m sure  many are also!

And please, feel free to leave a comment below on either a time you attended a Christmas banquet or whether you think the banquet looks promising or not. Also, be sure to look out for our concluding article covering the event and the activities!

Spring Banquet 2014

Courtesy of Turner Hall

Courtesy of Turner Hall

Every year the student association host a banquet. The banquet is a formal event where students come together , get dressed up , eat, and have fun together. Banquet has always varied throughout the years , but it is always special and unique each year and students always look forward to!

This year Banquet will be hosted, on May 14th, outside at the Clinton Pavilion. Rumor has it that the Student Association has arranged for Chipotle to cater the even this year.

Banquet has been given the unique title  ” Let the Games Begin” it will be a game show themed night. SA is planning on having games for the attendees and cool prizes to be won for those planning on participating. They are having games like Minute to Win It , Lets Make a Deal, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

A contest is being held to see who can propose to their date and ask for their hand to banquet the best. The winner of this contest will be winning two free tickets to banquet for them and their date. Other wise tickets will be $25 a ticket. For those who do not attend SLA tickets will be $30.

Here are a few quotes about what students are hoping to get from this years banquet:

“Well this is my last banquet , so I am hoping it is extraordinary this year. I’m hoping this one will be one that I remember for years to come.”- Jannice Grunder, Senior

“I’m pretty excited for banquet this year since it is my first one. I’m hoping it is really fun and that it’s a good as everyone is making it out to be.” Josh Silver, Freshmen

If you have any questions regarding banquet feel free to comment below and well help answer them!

SLA Kicks off the New School Year at the Beach

Handshake is an annual event at South Lancaster Academy, led by the Student Association, during the first week of school. Every year Handshake provides a fun way to start off the school year. It includes games, activities, and gives students a chance to socialize and get to know the people who are the new to SLA. The school is divided up in to South Lancaster Academy Mixers, commonly known as “Slam Teams” for all of the day’s events. Usually this popular event takes place at school, but this year SA decided to try something different and have Handshake at Salisbury Beach State Reservation.

The Pioneer asked some students to share their opinion on the trip to the beach:

“I had a really good time participating in both games, even though the toothpick game was a little awkward. I had fun rooting for my teammates and getting to know some new people. I also had a good time playing football but my favorite part of the day was spending time with my friends on the beach on such a nice day,” said Senior Brandon Beneche.

“I thought it was a very fun day and the relay races were pretty entertaining. I liked that it was different compared to previous years,” stated Junior Kurtis Bakerlis.

“I really loved the beach trip, I thought it was a great idea to have a school-wide trip because it was great icebreaker for the beginning of the year and I got to socialize with everyone. If we had one like that every year it’d be awesome! The two relay races were very funny! The toothpick thing was so hard but I thought it was a hilarious idea, and the wheelbarrow relay race was awesome! We all had a lot of fun and I enjoyed spending time with my classmates,” Sophomore Julia Silva enthusiastically replied.

“I thought it was a fun and creative trip! I’m glad I went and I enjoyed being with my friends and enjoying the beach! I’m glad the SA chose the beach. I thought it was a wonderful idea.” said Freshman Chrissie Fuller.

Overall, the day was a success and was packed with fun activities such as the wheelbarrow race, the toothpick relay, swimming, volleyball, and time to just enjoy the beach. The Hot Pink Team won the toothpick relay, and the Orange Team won the wheelbarrow race, but each of the teams had a great time and appreciated SA’s creative new idea for Handshake.

What did you think of SA’s idea to take a trip to the beach? Share in a comment below.



Student Association 2013 Election Update!

This week, April 22-26, campaigning for the 2013 Student Association Election has begun. The final date to sign up to enter this years election is May 10th, and so far, multiple students have signed up to run for either President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, S.A. Pastor, and Public Relations.

The election debate will be held on, either May 15th or 16th, depending on the happenings of certain events. Hence, students running are putting together their campaign, and they’ve accepted to share a piece of it with the SLA Pioneer.

Courtesy of Journalism

Courtesy of Journalism

SLA Junior Isaac Valera, running for S.A. President, says: “I’m actually pretty bad when it comes to explaining why I want to do things so I’ll say this the best way I can. I came to Browning-SLA when I was in the first grade and all I ever really wanted was to some day be that older kid on all the sports teams graduating with some kind of honor. Yeah, I wanted to leave a mark. Now that I’m that older kid and I’ve learned that leaving a mark isn’t as easy as it seems. As president, my goal would be just that, to leave a mark not only spiritually, but in our memories. I want 2013-2014 to be a year to remember, and I want to leave behind a better school than I found.”




Courtesy of Journalism

Courtesy of Journalism

Sophomore Lisa Gifford, running for S.A. Vice President, says: “This past year the S.A has worked really hard to make the year worth it. Next year I feel we can do even better because we are veterans. A few of us already have really good ideas and are excited to make next year even better.”





Courtesy of Journalism

Courtesy of Journalism

Junior Elena Shand, running for S.A Secretary, says, “I’m not making any promises, but I am making a commitment to work with the staff to make maybe not the best year but definitely one to remember! All I ask in return is a positive mindset from our student body.”




Courtesy of Journalism

Courtesy of Journalism

Junior Pablo Huerfano, running for S.A Treasurer, says: “In previous years S.A has really struggled in financially planning events. There has always been a struggle to find appropriate funds for any sort of activity we want to have. I plan on improvising the associations spending budget and organizing the way we allocate funds better.”




Courtesy of Journalism

Courtesy of Journalism

There are a few students this year running for the S.A Sergeant at Arms post, and each have shared their respective campaigns:
Sophomore Leo Zamo says, “I’m running because I want to bring out the best in this school and make next year even better than this year was. I care about this school and I would like the opportunity to work at planning better field trips for SLA students to go on and provide more stability for the school.”





Courtesy of Journalism

Courtesy of Journalism

Sophomore Dylan Gibbons says, “My motto is – ‘I’m running for Sergeant at Arms because I got all the charm.’ I am willing to do my best if I am given this job. I will take it seriously and I’ll try to make this school a better place and plan more fun activities for SLA.”





Courtesy of Journalism

Courtesy of Journalism

Junior Jannice Grunder says, “Sergeant-at-arms is not only a job to keep people quiet, it’s also to make sure people are on time to the meetings and so forth. It’s to keep them focused. With your vote, I will make sure they are focused on the activities you want to see happen next year. It’ll be my senior year and I wish to leave a legacy behind.”





Courtesy of Journalism

Courtesy of Journalism

After having a more spiritually successful year lead by our Sophomore S.A Pastor Amber Sanchez, she runs again next year to continue working with other student pastoral leaders to spiritually revive circumstances at SLA. She shares her campaign: “As S.A Pastor, I, with the assistance of Christ, plan on changing the air of the SLA into a spiritual aroma; using the past year as a guide, and the Lord as my leader.”





Lastly, we have one student running for S.A Public Relations and she was asked to share her campaign with the SLA Pioneer.

(Pictures Pending) Junior Sharisse Rivas says, “I’m running because I actually want to make a difference in our next school year. I want us as a school to be more united, so I plan to try to be able to give opportunities so the students can get to know each other so there can be more unity. The personal qualities I have to offer is that I’m out-going, a good listener so I can communicate back and forth between the students and student association.”

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