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My Experience as Student Association President

This year has not come without its difficulties. At the beginning of the year, we were left with a $1,500 deficit. Of course this was not anyone’s fault in particular but it was something we had to work around.

We decided however, that we were going to have a fun year! We started out with the S.A. Handshake a Salisbury Beach just a few days after the school year started. We did activities to help each class become familiar with each other and we had free time for everyone to enjoy themselves and relax before the school year really got rolling.

Many activities and events ensued and it got really busy at the end of the 2015 year. We had the Thanksgiving celebration, then had to quickly plan Spirit week and Pep Rally for the start of the Basketball season. While planning and executing those, we had to finish planning for the Christmas banquet and Christmas party to finish off the semester. It got very busy extremely quickly, but all of the Student Association members worked very hard to make it happen. If you asked us, we would say it was all worth it to see everyone enjoying themselves and having a good time.

Second semester slowed down quite a bit. It wasn’t because we didn’t want to plan anything, but it was because there were already events going on that wouldn’t permit us to do any activities. We waited till February to do our annual Fire and Ice Mall trip to Providence Rhode Island. About half the school signed up to go and all who went enjoyed meandering around the mall and indulging in the wonderful food at the restaurant.

Then we tried to plan a Boston trip for the month of April and a Spirit Week, however we hit several roadblocks. We ended up not being able to make it happen. Fortunately we get to finish our year off with another Spirit Week (which is happening now) and an End of Year Party this Friday. We had planned on having outdoor water activities however the forecast changed to show thunderstorms so on a moments notice, we had to change plans to make everything in-doors. We have succeeded in this and it couldn’t have been possible without all the members of the Student Association.

Some Students do not often see what goes on in the Student Association, and it may seem like we don’t do much; however we all work hard throughout the year. We have all put time, effort, and money into making these events happen in attempting to make the school year a little more enjoyable.

To next year’s Student Association officers, I will say this: never give up. It may get discouraging, things will not work out at times, and students will complain and seem ungrateful. Don’t let that hold your spirits down. It happens every year! Just trust in yourselves and do the best you can, that’s all you can do. Delegate responsibilities and to ALL members of your team — lend a helping hand to your president. They may not always ask for help but I can guarantee they will need it much of the time, even if they don’t say anything. Always be looking to share ideas and always be willing to sacrifice your time. You’ll need to.

I promise you will see the fruits of your labor and it will be worth it in the end. I wish you the best of luck!

Do you have any advice for next year’s Student Association members? Let us know in the comments below!

February Holidays & Events

February is the month known for Love, and it’s being the Black History month. So what exactly is happening this Month? Check it out!
2 – Groundhog day: Are we going to have a longer winter or is spring coming early? Looks like Spring might come early for Massachusetts!

9 – SLA’s Last Ski Program Day: Hopefully we’ll have enough snow to enjoy our last day of early dismissal for skiing and snowboarding!

11 – SA Event Fire & Ice: Every year the Student association takes a trip into Rhode Island after classes to go shopping at Providence Place Mall and we end the day with a meal at the local Fire & Ice Restaurant.

12 – Lincoln’s Birthday: Although its celebrated more on the 15th, this is the day this great man was born.

14 – Valentines Day: Some people hate it, and others use this day to spend some time with their interests, partners, and spouses. What are your plans for Valentines? Let us know in the comments below!

15 – Washington’s Birthday / Presidents Day: This is the day we recognize the leadership of our country – and take a day  off school! Have we done well?

If we missed anything, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

What’s Going on In December and January?

December 7-11 : Spirit Week is this week – students are able to dress up according to the day’s themes. Monday: Sports day, Tuesday: Twin Day, Wednesday: Whacky Day, Thursday: Purple and White Day. and Friday: Flashback day.

December 10 : Today starts the Basketball season! We pump up out school spirit with games and competitions!

December 12 : The community gets together to celebrate Christmas at the SLA Christmas Concert at the College Church in Lancaster

December 15 : The anticipated banquet is tonight at 6:00 pm

December 18 : The final event of the year – The SA Christmas Celebration

January 4 : Christmas break ends and classes resume.

January 5 : Let the Ski Season commence!

January 11-14 : The dreaded 4 days of each semester… Exams!

January 16 : Kids, come join us for Children’s Church!

January 18 : No school thanks to Martin Luther King Jr.!

January 25-29 : Get ready for Student Week of Prayer!

Fire and Ice is a Success!

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

Yesterday, November 28, 2012, several South Lancaster Academy students took part in event planned by student association to go to Fire and Ice along with Providence Mall. This being the fifth year the event has been held, previous discussions happened as to going to the Natick Mall instead, the decision was eventually revoked because of popular demand, and students were granted their wish to keeping the Fire and Ice tradition alive.

Subsequently after students boarded the bus, they headed on their journey to Providence, arriving at the Providence Mall about and hour later, and were given until seven o’clock to shop and mingle, and meet at Fire and Ice to be counted with the group for buying dinner. Fire and Ice is nestled in the heart of the historic downtown area, and students were able to pick from a variety of menus, offering fresh produce, pastas, meats, seafood, and a salad section along with a beverage bar. They would then hand their food to the grillers, who would cook your food along a large circular stove, and you could visualize your food being made along several others attending the restaurant. After mingling and enjoying their food, students returned to SLA around 9:30 PM.

Students who took part on this trip to Fire and Ice were interrogated for feed back, and Senior Felicia Rice responded, “Fire and Ice was really fun, as it is every year. I love watching the chef’s. It’s my favorite part of the entire night! Running around the mall with my friends is always a good time, too. But food is obviously my favorite.”

“I thought Fire and Ice was an interesting place with a lot of food,” Sophomore Amber Sanchez opinionated. “It was cool to be able to decide what I wanted to eat and watch them cook it right in front of me.”

Lastly, Junior Azalea Warner-Walton added, “Fire and Ice was fun. I wish we had more time to go back in the mall after dinner, but over all I thought it was good.”

So despite the indecisiveness, Fire and Ice turned out to be a successful event, judging from these responses. Hopefully the rest of the year reflects all of the enjoyable activities we’ve had so far.

2012 Fall Festival Draws Over 500!

On October 20, 2012, South Lancaster’s annual Fall Festival Event was held. Aside from other years, in which the event was held either in the AUC Field House or on the SLA Field, this time the Fall Festival took place in the SLA gym last Saturday night from 7:00-9:00 pm. It was a hit from the start, all arrivals were greeted with an elongated line extending outside the entrance doors. The gym overflowed with liveliness, each grade had set up their tables to begin fundraising. Churches were welcome to reserve a table, along with the parents of students who wished to take part. A bounce house was set up for the children, and various sales were going on.

Each grade was given the opportunity to have a table and/or an interactive activity to raise funds for their class. The Senior Class contributed the jail, along with going around selling vegetarian scallops and nachos. The Juniors sold fried dough, rice, beverages, and an art banner where you can buy a square and draw whatever you want, leaving your mark for remembrance. The Sophomores sold pop corn, candy, delicious root beer floats, and contributed a video game station as their source of interaction. Lastly, the Browning classes of 7th and 8th grade sold candy, Brazilian cheese bread – always a huge hit, hot dogs, and a whole continuing list of attracting food items along with a grooming table and face painting. Churches and different individuals set their own tables for the purpose of next years upcoming mission trip, pathfinder groups, or the 3-way-plan.

Each class was able to gain a large profit off what they sold, the Freshmen Class coming in first with over four hundred dollars with their sale of candy apples, empanadas, and paint ball.

“Fall Festival was good! I really enjoyed myself.” Junior Azalea Warner-Walton says when asked on her opinion on her Fall Festival experience.

Judging by the outcomes for each grade and the people amount of people who attended, this years Fall Festival was a success! Hopefully future festivals throughout the next years bring the same or even better results.

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