What’s Wattpad?

Are you a teen that’s big into reading and/or writing? Struggling to find something to read? Well, I might just have a treat for you!

A couple of years ago I was over at friends house when she introduced me to Wattpad, an online reading site where you can write and share your stories as well as read other stories written by other users. With categories like teen fiction, fantasy, and short stories you’ll have plenty to read.

I joined while at that girl’s house, and let me tell you I’ve gone through phases. At first I was really into it, reading a ton of stories and even writing my story (if you wanna check it out you can find it here). Then there were times when I wouldn’t read so much. But not everyone goes through these phases of lack of interest with Wattpad.

A couple months back I introduced my friend to Wattpad and she has turned into a Wattpad addict, always reading whenever I see her.

You can find the signup link right here.

The girl who introduced Wattpad to me has written stories as well. You can find her profile here. Here’s another awesome writers that you can follow here. She writes superhero fan fiction.

Already on Wattpad? Share your experience and/or favorite stories so far in the comments below!


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Senior Lunch


Every year, it is tradition that the principal takes the senior class out to lunch. This year, as other years, we went to Papa Razzi. This is a nice restaurant that serves Italian cuisine. Although it is not perfectly authentic, it’s acceptable for American-Italian food. A week before this event, our principal gave us a menu to pre-choose our meals so they would be ready quickly while we were there.


On Wednesday, we all came into school wearing very nice clothing in preparation to go out. We loaded onto the bus at 10:45 a.m. and arrived about half an hour later. We were led into the back party room. There were several round tables where we divided ourselves up.


I sat with some of my very close friends and we had very many interesting conversations and shared some memories as well. Our server came in shortly after we arrived to ask what drinks we wanted. Many ordered iced teas, lemonades, and sodas. We were then given our bread and drinks. While we snacked on the bread, the salads were being prepared.


I had a very delicious vinaigrette salad with cranberries. Most of us finished the whole thing. We were pretty hungry — some of us had skipped breakfast! Once everyone was done, we spoke for a bit, then our main courses started coming in. There were pizzas, pasta, and I had gnocchi. Everyone enjoyed their food. My gnocchi was very cheesy, and delicious!


During the main course, my friends and I shared memories from trips we have taken together. It was a little sad because this dinner was symbolizing the close of a chapter. We finished our main course and then the dessert came out. I had a very tart lemon sorbet while others had chocolate cake, cheesecake, apple crisps, and more.


I guess even though everyone looks forward to the last course of the meal — dessert — it is the end of the meal experience. It reminds me what this meal was for. Senior year of High School can be sweet and tart like my sorbet. Everyone wants it to be over quickly but you can enjoy what is potentially the last year you can really spend freely with your friends. We have to cherish the memories we make while this time lasts and make the most of it. I know I will really miss everyone but this is the close of one chapter in our lives and the start of a new one.

Are you a graduating senior this year? Tell us your best memmories down below!


Special thanks to Papa Razzi!


SLA Spring Concert

This year’s’ High School Spring Concert happened on Tuesday, May 24. There was quite a variety of music performed by the 7th grade class as well as the High Schoolers who participate in choir and Voce. Thankfully there was a little explanation that different students gave at the beginning of each song. The program began with our principal, Mr. Lambert, making cheesy dad jokes (he has recently become a father).  


First, the 7th graders performed a song on the bells called “The Grand March from ‘Aida’” written by Martha Lynn Thompson. It was about an Egyptian pharaoh who tragically dies. His princess, Aida, finds him on the way to the tomb. They both let go of life in each other’s arms.


Next three songs were sung by Il Voce. The first, “Dry Your Tears Africa” by John Williams, spoke of a Cuban ship with many Africans on it who sang of going back to Africa, of coming home. It links the cultures of Americans and Africans. The second was a folk song called “Every Night When the Sun Goes In” by Maurice Gardner. It is a folk song about a tragic love story. A girl gets pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. She knows that he will leave her if he finds out so she decides to leave.  


“Good Night, Dear Heart” by Dan Forrest and sung by Il Voce was a very sad song. You could hear the mourning of a mother. It was about a couple in the United States who were planning on adopting a young Ethiopian girl. She tragically became sick and died. This song was written by the woman who planned on adopting this girl. She wrote it as a Eulogy for the orphans of Ethiopia.


The 7th grade bell choir performed again with “Lolette’s Complaint” by Betty Paret. It was of a little girl who was jealous that her older sister could dance so well. She was very bitter about it, but then she began to move to the music and discovered she could dance as well!


The next three songs were performed by the SLA choir. The first two were quite comical. “The Queen to Me a Royal Pain Doth Give” and “My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth” were written under the title of P.D.Q. Bach. Apparently it was inspired by when musicians put their work together under one name. A man used this as an anonymous name. The first song was about the man’s wife who died of asphyxiation because she was singing and held a note for too long. These songs just comically speak of how the man’s wife can be a pain and he makes fun of her while still professing his love. There were some interesting sounds coming from the singers as a part of the music!


The second to last song was an arrangement from “The Phantom of the Opera” by Ed Lojeski. It was the longest song because it was (I was told) six songs put into one. It is about a young aspiring woman who is an amazing singer. The Phantom of the Opera finds her and makes her into a famous opera singer. Unfortunately he has a scar that covers half of his face so he hides it. The woman ends up falling in love, and gets engaged to another man. The Phantom of the Opera becomes furious and yet longing. He cries out for her love.


The last song was the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” by Peter Wilhousky. It was originally written by Julia Ward Howe who lived during the Civil War. She watched troops singing about a man who got hung for his beliefs in freeing slaves. This song was inspired by the troops who sang that song. It has become one of our national Hymns and most prized songs.

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The program was a blessing to all who were there. Have you been a part of a Spring Concert? Tell us about your experience below!

Boy Scouts History

January 24, 1908, the Boy Scouts movement began in England because of the publication of Scouting for Boys. The name Baden-Powell was already well known to many English boys, and thousands of them bought the handbook . By the end of April,many Boy Scout troops had sprung up across Britain. From the Scouting for Boys, Baden-Powell created a central Boy Scouts office, which allow regular boys to become Scouts and designed a uniform.

By the end of 1908, there were 60,000 Boy Scouts, and troops began springing up in British Commonwealth countries across the globe. In September 1909, the first national Boy Scout meeting was held. Ten thousand Scouts showed up, which also had a surprise visit of girls in uniforms that were called Girl Scouts. In 1910, Baden-Powell organized the Girl Guides as a separate organization.

The American version of the Boy Scouts has it origins in an event that occurred in London in 1909.

Chicago publisher William Boyce was lost in the fog when a Boy Scout came to his aid. After guiding Boyce to his destination, the boy refused a tip, explaining that as a Boy Scout he would not accept payment for doing a good deed. This anonymous gesture inspired Boyce to organize several regional U.S. youth organizations, specifically the Woodcraft Indians and the Sons of Daniel Boone, into the Boy Scouts of America. Incorporated on February 8, 1910, the movement soon spread throughout the country.”

In 1912, Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts of America in Savannah, Georgia.

I am a proud Boy Scout and on my way to my Eagle Scout and wanted to share a little history on how this program became and started. Maybe someone in your family is Scout. If so, tell us down below. Thank you for reading this article and have a wonderful day.Link for information here.


South Lancaster SA Election


SA election are coming soon. These elections will show who our student Association will be next year. The titles that student can hold are  President, Vice president, Treasurer, Pastor, Secretary, Public Relation and Sergeant at Arms. To vote you must understand what each position means.

   President: The authority and responsibility of Presidents vary according to their respective institutions. Students performing in this role typically serve a ceremonial and managerial purpose, as a spokesperson of the entire student body. The president may oversee his or her association’s efforts on student activity events and planning, school policy support from students, budget allocation, fiscal planning, recognition of developing issues pertaining to students, and communication between faculty/staff and the student body.


   Vice President: To keep order at meetings, to assist the president, and become acting president in the event the president cannot fulfill their duties.


   Treasurer: The treasurer  is the SA’s official custodian of the money and the trustee of the accounts and must be able to explain the budget to members. The specific duties of the treasurer are: 1. Properly receive and disburse moneys.


   Pastor: This job includes helping the School pastor with finding speakers for student chapels, and providing help in spiritual life and speaking and studying the bible.


   Secretary: This person is in charge of taking notes at the student council meetings and Executive Board meetings and will type for the student council.


    Public Relations:Takes attendance.Handles incoming, and outgoing correspondence,Takes notes at meetings and keep accurate records Exemplifies good school citizenship.


   Sergeant at Arms: Duty includes maintaining order and security around school and events.


 So who’s running for SA offices? Well here’s who.

  President: Christina Fuller

  Vice President: Zach Mularczyk

  Pastor: Daniel Hammond,Josh Silver,Alaina Carpenter

  Secretary:Isadora Ferreira, Eli Jun,Valerie Baez

  Public Relations: Liaza Silvia

  Treasurer: Emily Delinski, Evan Garriety


 If you enjoyed and found this article informative you can leave a comment below. If you hoping to run for a office turn in your papers you only have till this friday. Thanks you and have a wonderful day.!

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