2013-14 Videos


Created by Sophomores Devin Crowley, Nathan Howes, and Davis Parsons. This beginning of the year video short attempts to create a modern-day twist to the “wild west” duels from classic films of the past.

The Man-Eating Locker

Created by Sophomores Jared Allain, Todd LeShane, and Josue Feliciano. This beginning of the year video short uses a mixture of comedy and suspense to explore the question: “what if the school’s came to life?”.

The Teleporter

Produced and directed by Devin Crowley, Samantha Crowley and Igor Yoshida. The Teleporter is about a secret agent and a scientist who are trying to gain control of a secret formula – one that allows for an individual to move anywhere in the blink of an eye.

Rise of the NapKing

Produced and directed by Lothar Gloss, Todd LeShane, and Victoria Stong. Napkins are being controlled by an evil Napking, and Aquaman is the only one who can stop them. This is a video trailer, and no actual film will be coming out. Enjoy!

  1. These are hilarious. Can’t wait to see more!

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