2010-11 Videos

Peru Mission Trip Video

Directed by Robson Brito and Luccas Ferreira. South Lancaster Academy traveled to Iquitos, Peru for their spring break in 2011. In conjunction with People of Peru Project ministry, the school helped dig wells, provided medical services to the local community, and revitalized the local orphanage. This video was filmed, edited, and produced by the video journalism class at South Lancaster Academy. Music courtesy of MercyMe (Song: Won’t You Be My Love/Album: The Generous Mr. Lovewell)

Peru Mission Trip Video (Sightseeing Edition)

Directed by Robson Brito and Luccas Ferreira

Paper News

Students Luccas Ferreira and Robson Brito decided to take the newscast format and turn it on it’s head with their creation “Paper News”. The premise was simple: present the news in a humorous way by using stick figures and class doodles. The show was an immediate hit with SLA students, and showed that news stories can be much more than CNN and Fox News.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Hallway 1×01

SLA students Natalia Perez and Sharisse Rivas took to the hallways for their news segment that focused on interviewing students about life at their academy. Questions ranged from school policy to social events, and responses given provided a student-oriented look at the issues facing our school.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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