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My Trip to Sugarloaf

Last week was exam week. Since our principal implemented a new rule that if we have a 96% or higher in the class, we don’t have to take our exams so a group of us decided to take a ski trip to ME. Specifically, we went to Sugarloaf. We arrived on a Wednesday night and set up in our friend’s families cabin. There were 3 of us girls who slept upstairs, and 5 boys who slept in the basement. We left the cabin Monday afternoon.

We skied on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. The thing you have to know about Sugarloaf is that it is a big mountain, and can get very windy and extremely cold at the top. Luckily the temperatures stayed above 0 degrees throughout our stay, and it was only windy on Thursday however it was not excruciating as is has been in years past. We had packed powder and it snowed a little on Thursday night and Saturday.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been as much snow as we hoped for this winter so far so the harder the trails, the more ice and exposed foliage there was. Skidder, a double black diamond, had nice powdery moguls, however between them was very icy. I fell and slid until I hit a flat area. Ripsaw, another double black diamond, was also very powdery and not very icy. It was very tiring on the legs! The only thing about Ripsaw, was that there was a lot of foliage poking through the snow! But if you are a good skier or snowboarder, you could easily get down.

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On Saturday, we did a nice hike through the snow, and up a large and steep hill. Why would we want to hike all the way up a hill in the snow? To slide down of course! It was a tough and sweaty climb but once at the top we rested for a few minutes, then slid down the hill by sections. It was so much fun! It took a few minutes to get down so it was totally worth it!

This trip is a memory I will hold on to forever. Since it’s my senior year, we’re not sure when we will be able to do this trip again. We talked about it as friends and we want to do it again, but it will most likely be after college. I’ll be looking forward to it!

Have you gone on any Ski or Snowboarding trips? Let us know in the comments below!


Winter Conditions

The winter sports season has come upon us. We have a ski program here at school which began this Tuesday. Here in New England, many of us who are involved in these types of sports, however, are quite disappointed. I am an avid skier. When you do these types of things, the snow conditions become extremely important.

Unfortunately, we have gotten close to no snow, and the precipitation has all turned to ice. These can be deadly conditions to ski on. The mountains have been trying to make snow as much as possible but the weather for the past few weeks has not been very cooperative. Now as the weather is becoming increasingly colder, the snow guns have come on.


At mount snow, riding up the mountain, you can still see grass peaking through the ice. At the top, because of all the snow guns, it was difficult to see. The trails were fairly icy because only a few of the trails were open so the more people at the mountain the more snow that got scraped off the trails exposing the ice.

At Wachusett, where our ski program is, was extremely cold on Tuesday. They were also making snow as the slopes were very icy. The trails became over crowded because of the limited choices so I chose to leave early. Is it really worth it to take the time to go skiing in these conditions? Is it better to wait?

Some mountains are better kept than others and have more snow. As long as there are a few runs open that have enough snow to cover most of the ice, and as long as it is not over crowded, it will always be worth it. For those of us who love the sport, we take every chance we get and know that the conditions will eventually get better.

What kind of winter sports do you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

Renown Skis

Renown skis are probably the most innovative skis yet to hit the industry. Innovation is usually associated with success, however will it be the case with Renown? A man by the name of Cyrus Schenck who lives in Burlington, VT likes to say he “nerded out” and does so with his friends all the time. Out of 1600 different skis, why Renown?

winterpreview3-1The company was started by Schenck and 6 of his friends, however when his friends saw that he was infatuated, so they agreed to sign over the company to him. Schenck was excited about his new plan and decided to reach out to Jason Levinthal who invented the twin tip skis – well known especially in free-style competitions. Unfortunately Levinthal did not share in the excitement. In-fact, he though it was a ridiculous idea – but that didn’t stop Schenck. So what is this new idea?

These new innovative skis incorporate “Non-Newtonian” material. Simply put, it’s a material that is soft when there isn’t much force or vibrations affecting it, however when force is being exerted on it, it suddenly becomes hard. Schenck discovered this material after an engineering class in college and asked himself how he could incorporate this kind of material in a ski. Can you trust it?

Schenck explains that when you are on an easy slope, for example, the skis are very forgiving and it’s characteristic is almost floppy; but the second you hit ice, it hardens. Once you get comfortable with your runs and decide to go fast, do tricks, or just have fun they remain hard as long as vibrations are continuous.

One has to ask, however, what happens when you go off a large jump and are in air for a considerable amount of time, won’t they soften again? The fluctuation between hard and soft occur very quickly so it will have time to soften in the air. Doing tricks and going off of jumps – you want something dependable and somewhat predictable. A ski that you know exactly when the tip will touch the surface of the snow.

Would you trust these skis?
To find out more, visit or the renown website!



A Tribute to Our Educators: Teachers Appreciation Day 2015

Teachers play a key role in student success, and although some may seem like they don’t need to be acknowledged – a simple “thanks” can go a long way in a teacher’s life. Teachers may not get paid the most, but they certainly make more of a difference than almost anyone else. They spend their lives improving the lives of others, sharing knowledge, and working for a bright future for the next generation.

South Lancaster Academy is a small school in which students have really good connections with their teacher. Because of a 1:17 ratio they have a chance to be more involved and know one another more. The SLA Pioneer decided to ask some students how much they appreciate their teachers and what can they say about their teachers unique classroom environments.


Mr Lambert – History

“I appreciate how far Mr. Lambert has achieved as a teacher and made his way into becoming principal. I will definitely miss him as a history teacher and making his class environment the best high school experience”- Sophia Cantrell

 “Thank you Mr. Lambert for being such a great such great mentor, you’re a “cool hip” teacher!”- Leo Zamo

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

Mr. Fellows – English

” I love your composure, attitude, and calmness in dealing with any situation in class”- Tristan Johnson
“You’re my favorite teacher!”- Aaron Comley

Mr. Bisson - Mathematics

Mr. Bisson – Mathematics

“Your humor makes the math class so much better. The way you explain everything is very straight forward and i understand the learning content better than any other class. Thanks for making time to answer and question any problems that the students have.” – Kristina LaFrankie
“I really appreciate how he dedicates time to prepare us for the SATs and try to make us all 2400 point tests takers.” – Devin Crowley

Mrs. Brahmia - Science

Mrs. Brahmia – Science

“Brahmia is simply the best! She gets everyone’s attention in the class. She’s funny and really smart and only has the best teaching skills to spread her knowledge to her students” – Jared Allain
“I appreciate Mrs. Brahmia because she is realistic. She’s sarcastic and such a funny teacher!” Nakeyah Williams

Mr. Cook - Physical Education

Mr. Cook – Physical Education

“I appreciate how Mr. Cook has such an adventiorious personality, I love being active and seeing how the sports world works out. He makes the students push to their limits and build a healthy lifestyle. He is super involved with sports and recreational activities to make a variety of interests to all the students to participate.” -Igor Yoshida
“Mr. Cook is one of the more fun teachers in the school. He’s very chill and relaxed and knows how to make things fun. His class is one of my favorites in the school because I love sports and being active. We definitely need more teachers like him.”

Mrs. Vandenbroek - Computers

Mrs. Vandenbroek – Computers

“Mrs. Vadenbroek is super helpful in class work and in helping with any problem in our lives. She’s also full of ideas and makes you have more possibilities in life. She’s also the best supervisor for yearbook with her willingness to help and be creative to make each year better.” -Tori Stong
 “She is a great teacher and she is caring and helpful when it comes down to it.” Alena Bruso

Pastor Nino - Bible

Pastor Nino – Bible

“He knows the Bible so well and his class is sparked up with his jokes and fun-loving character.” Gillian Stevenson
 “He’s probably one of the most funniest teachers with his outgoing personality.  I think that his spiritual background and history with dealing with religion will benefit all his students with what he has to offer. And he deserves credit by always be involved with innovative ways of worships in our school and community service system we have now ” Josiah Rom


Mrs. Cady Music

“She always wants each individual in Vocé and choir to reach their full potential. She always goes above and beyond by hosting Friday night rehearsals in her home, staying after school to have an necessary extra rehearsal, and making sure she has a relationship with each one of her students. She is definitely a teacher that is appreciated by her pupils. I can speak for all the Vocé seniors that we will be heartbroken once we leave Vocé behind.” – Raissa Silva

“Ms. Cady is a driven and talented music director with the ability to teach her students how to understand and sing music to the best of their ability. I appreciate her not only as a teacher but as a person because she inspires me through her actions and is a very good mentor.” Dylan Gibbons
Do you have any kind words for your teacher this week? Share in a comment below. Thanks to all our SLA teachers for all their hard work and dedication!

SLA Brings Back Baseball for a Second Season!

Thirteen years is a long time for a sport to be absent from an athletic program. Thats how long SLA wasn’t involved with baseball, until last year! This spring season will be the second year that SLA offers baseball. To progress and succeed you need to start all the way from the bottom. That is exactly what coaches Jeffrey Lambert, Jay Diller, Josh Simulus, and Chris Irrgang are doing with the high school students. They expect to teach baseball fundamentals and expect dedication to the sport!

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