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How to Procrastinate


Watch our video on YouTube about us procrastinating about talking about procrastinating HERE.

Feel free to either leave a comment below or on the video comments with topic suggestions!



Egg n’ Fitz: Senior Survival

Comic S3P1

The night sky was always so clear and bright.

Comic S3P2

We ate honeydew melons every morning for the first 3 days, and Tristan was deemed the Honeydew man!

Comic S3P3

We went swimming in the rapids one day, and someone almost got swept away! Ahem…Cyan!

Comic S3P4

We canoed approximately 25 miles throughout the week – through cloudy skies and blazing heat.

Comic S3P5

One of our favorite parts of the trip was worship around the fire. At the end, we all sang our hearts out for the Lord!

Egg n’ Fitz: Beach Handshake

Comic S2P1

Comic S2P2

Comic S2P3

Comic S2P4

Comic S2P5

Comic S2P6

Egg n’ Fitz: Class Election Day

Comic S1P1

Comic S1P2

Comic S1P3

Comic S1P4

Comic S1P5

Comic S1P6

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