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Anonymous Advocate: Winter Survival

Winter is almost among us New Englander’s, and that means one word for us natives, cancellations, snow. So you’d assume that people who’ve lived here for decades would understand how to accurately prepare for a New England winter, yet, here we are, making a survival guide, for the people who cannot drive, shovel, or prevent themselves from freezing to death whenever we go into a state of emergency. 

  • Get over it, it’s just snow

Contrary to popular belief, a snowstorm isn’t going to end your life. You (most likely) won’t be buried alive and THERE’S NO LOGICAL REASON FOR YOU TO BUY UP ALL THE BREAD AND MILK THE DAY BEFORE. I’m looking at you Market Basket shoppers. 

  • Keep a shovel in your car

Also keep the basic necessities like a jacket, gloves, a hat, boots etc. in your trunk just in case you get stuck in a six hour traffic jam because the people in Massachusetts don’t know how to drive. I’m not saying that your heater won’t work but, like if your battery dies or something, you’re gonna have a blast waiting for help while you count how long it takes for you to lose feeling in your toes!

  • Leave this state

Just go, and take me with you.

  • Buy salt

Like the kind of salt that you spread on your driveway, but I think regular salt will work too? It’ll help get you out of slippery situations. 

  • Be aware of your surroundings

Do not and I repeat Do not shovel in the middle of the street, stay in your lane. Also look out for black ice, if the road seems shiny and it hasn’t rained,or if it has rained and the temperature is in the low thirties high twenties, there’s most likely going to be black ice. 

  • Learn how to drive

It’s snow not rainbow road, stop braking every two seconds. 

And lastly

  • Leave this state stay on your toes 

A rule of thumb in Massachusetts is that you never know what to expect. It could be raining one minute and hailing the next. So be prepared and be safe. 

Anonymous Advocate: Winter Wonderland

With fall almost behind us and winter fast approaching the weather presents us with ample date ideas with options ranging from snowball fights is that even romantic to hot cocoa and chill, either way romance is in the air with these fun date ideas.

  • Netflix

I’m joking but I’m not. Staying at home or a mountain lodge? with that special someone, wrapped up in piles of fuzzy blankets while sipping hot cocoa doesn’t sound half bad. But pairing it with a good Christmassy movie is the cherry on top of the snow covered ice-cream. Netflix is all good and well but if you’re poor like me, the Hallmark channel has got you covered.

  • Restaurants

While sitting at home watching movies might not always fly with your parents, there stands the option of going out to eat at a restaurant. But thus instigates the age-old question of who pays? The good thing about winter is that you’re already cold and miserable, and if you play your cards right, you’re both too cold to care and your date will happily pay as long as warmth is guaranteed.

  • Snowball Fights

This might not be the most romantic of date ideas, but it is fun. And it makes for a great double date idea if you need to do something last minute. Throwing snowballs at each other and cheating to ensure your victory, what more could you ask for? And ending it with chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa (you can never have too much) makes it perfect.

  • Baking

Are you the significant other that suggests baking as a lame date idea? Of course not, because baking is a great date idea! Let’s skip all the cutesy throwing flour at each other and eating the batter before it’s finished, think more…how much of this can we shove into our mouths before we either get in trouble or die. Plus, you get to clean up afterwards, teaching children the valuable life lesson of taking responsibility for your flour-throwing actions.

  • Reading

Whether it’s raining or snowing, reading by the windowsill with or to each other can be a really relaxing and fun date. Expand your horizons!

  • Sleeping

Studies have shown that this improves relationships.

And while there are many other date ideas, sometimes keeping it simple just might be the trick to having the best date.


Anonymous Advocate: A Guide to Flunking Finals

The end of the year is a very exciting time for struggling students everywhere. As the semesters draw to a close, the word that’s on everybody’s lips is the single most terrifying thing that exists to date, finals. And while tearing out your hair,changing your name and moving to some secluded country in Africa are all very good options (highly recommend as well), most of us are poor, underaged, and/or both. So the only other option that students are left with is to study! Pfft.

And so, I’ve graciously compiled a helpful guide on the proper way to flunk finals!

  • Don’t stress

The most likely probability is that even if you fail, like completely, your grades aren’t going to plummet into oblivion. Some exams might be worth more than others, but it’s not your entire grade for the semester.

  • But study hard

Just because I told you not to stress doesn’t mean you don’t study. Don’t slack off just because it’s the end of the year, at least try. Study to the best of your ability, if your teachers let you have a sheet of notes, use the sheet to take notes. If your teacher says that a certain thing will be on the test, study the thing. You can fit everything on that sheet of notes, trust me.

  • Don’t spend too long studying one subject

You’ll only exhaust yourself studying the same subject for hours on end, so take a break every once in a while and pick a different subject to review. You’ll get a lot more covered and your brain will thank you for the change.

  • Remember to sleep too

If you study too hard and don’t sleep, you will fall asleep during the test. Take this from someone who fell asleep twice  during their bible exam. You need to study but you need to sleep as well. Go to sleep at a normal time (12:00 a.m is not normal) and study again when you get up, then review for a little bit before the exam.

  • Take naps!

Who can honestly say (children excluded) that they don’t like naps? But in this case, taking naps could be beneficial to you. While studying and sleeping at night are important, taking naps throughout the day can help refresh your mind and give your brain a fresh start. So take a nap.

  • Use your time wisely

Pfft. Try to use your time wisely. Do you really have time to be partying and hanging out with your friends when you have an exam in the morning on your worst subject? Should you be face-timing your boyfriend when your test tomorrow could possibly give your grade the boost it needs? Probably not. Remember, they don’t care about your grades, chances are, that they’ve already studied (or not) but they’re not looking out for you, you are.

  • Create a schedule 

That being said, you cannot completely devote your day to studying. Make a schedule and assign time slots to each task that you need to complete. It might be hard to keep at first, but it’ll make it easier for you to manage your time by giving you a visual representation on how your using it.

  • You’ll do fine

The only thing holding you back is yourself. Everybody has the potential to be great, don’t waste it because of the petty opinions of others. Work hard and even if you don’t get a perfect score, at least you tried. Hard work always pays off, and the rewards are worth it in the end.


Anonymous Advocate: Allergies Ahoy!

Spring is finally here in New England! And as any true New Englander knows, with the arrival of spring also comes the arrival of allergies. Environmentalists predict that because of this year’s record-breaking snowfall, the pollen count is bound to be off the charts, and that means fantastic news for allergists but also happens to be the bane of those who suffer from environmental allergies.

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Anonymous Advocate: College is Calling

Q: What tips do you have on preparing for college?

A: Cry

  • Make sure to plan ahead of time, like middle school ahead of time

Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Planning ahead will help you sort your life out, so that you can decide which colleges that you might be interested in going to, instead of wasting time later. 

  • Failed step oneFocus on trying to get the best grades through ALL FOUR years of high school. 

Most people seem to think that they only need to get good grades in the last year of high school, but the longer you wait to clean your act up, the harder it’s going to be to find a college that’s going to want to accept you. On top of that, high school is supposed to prepare you for college, so don’t slack off. 

  • Take AP courses. Even if you don’t get an A, it still shows that you’re capable enough to handle the work. 

Yeah sure, they’re hard, but trust me they’re worth it. They look great on your college application and they show that you tried. And once again, they’re preparing you for all those tough classes that you’re about to take in college. 

  • Teachers are your friends. 

From what I’ve come to understand, they want to be there about as much as you want to be. So put their time to good use and ask them questions. Don’t think that you’ll just wing it, that won’t help you at all. There’s no winging it in college. Ask. 

  • Practice ahead of time for both SAT and ACT. 

And by practice, I mean practice. Take courses, study study study study. And try to get the best scores as possible, it’ll pay off in the long run when you’re applying. The higher the score the better the impression. 

  • Spend sufficient time on your college essays. 

You have all this time, don’t do it last minute. You’re writing about yourself, so be as narcissistic as possible, within reason of course. Write, rewrite, have your teachers or parents review it for you. Basically, make it worth their time and your money. 

  • Extracurricular activities are your friends. 

Whoever said that sports and other after school activities weren’t important was lying. They show that you can work with other people and your ability to do other things other than schoolwork. Plus scholarships too!

  • Get organized. 

It takes 21 days to either make or break a habit, so fix your disorganized and messy lifestyle early on. Getting organized can alleviate the stress that comes with preparing for college. Not only organize your stuff, but organize your life so that there’s less improvising and more success. 

  • College fairs 

That’s it. 

  • Apply early. 

Don’t wait till the last minute to apply for college. Most people start applying December of their senior year, and rush to finish. Don’t be those people. If you already have a clear decision, consider applying for early decision, the deadline is usually in November, so start now. 

  • Make sure to pack accordingly. 

You’re no longer going to be at home. Learn how to do your laundry, learn how to cook, pick up your dirty socks, nobody likes a dirty roommate, and nobody likes someone whose always asking for things. Bring what you know you’ll need (hair products, bed sets, snacks, clothes, etc.) there’s tons of websites with ideas on what you should bring with you, go check them out. Make a list, check it twice, then after you check it twice check it six more times, just to make sure. 

  • Cry

This is literally your last chance. You’re leaving your friends, your family your life, behind, and there’s no crying in college (jk there’s a lot of crying). So cry while you can but put on a brave face when you get to your final destination, remember confidence is key. 

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