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My Ispswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Experience

This past Sabbath was a very fascinating one to me. At breakfast that morning my mom let me know that a family at the church we attend invited us to go to a park in Ipswich, MA to feed birds out our palms.

At first I thought she was joking; I’ve forever been wanting to feed a bird out of my hand. Turns out she was telling the truth, because after Remix we went home, ate, and then waited for the family to pick us up.

Once they arrived we hopped into the car and drove an hour away until we reached Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary where we walked towards a path. Once on the path we took out the bird seed and placed some in our palms. After about ten minutes the birds started coming. Most of the birds we fed were finches or tuft-mice.

The birds were so light and fragile. They’d study us for a second and decide whether we were safe or not. They’d moving closer and closer until finally they’d swoop down into our hands, grab a seed, and take off. Some birds came back a few times for more, too.

The birds really put me at awe. I’d never been up close and personal with a wild animal like that before. But they were so harmless I wasn’t scared (though their little talons eye sharp, if you can even call them that).

In the end I really enjoyed being able to get that close to the birds and experience God’s nature in Ipswich. I’d definitely recommend you visit!

Directions to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary can be found here.

Have you ever been to the River Wildlife Sanctuary in Ipswich, MA and fed the birds? If you have please share your experience in the comments below!
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Anonymous Advocate: Winter Survival

Winter is almost among us New Englander’s, and that means one word for us natives, cancellations, snow. So you’d assume that people who’ve lived here for decades would understand how to accurately prepare for a New England winter, yet, here we are, making a survival guide, for the people who cannot drive, shovel, or prevent themselves from freezing to death whenever we go into a state of emergency. 

  • Get over it, it’s just snow

Contrary to popular belief, a snowstorm isn’t going to end your life. You (most likely) won’t be buried alive and THERE’S NO LOGICAL REASON FOR YOU TO BUY UP ALL THE BREAD AND MILK THE DAY BEFORE. I’m looking at you Market Basket shoppers. 

  • Keep a shovel in your car

Also keep the basic necessities like a jacket, gloves, a hat, boots etc. in your trunk just in case you get stuck in a six hour traffic jam because the people in Massachusetts don’t know how to drive. I’m not saying that your heater won’t work but, like if your battery dies or something, you’re gonna have a blast waiting for help while you count how long it takes for you to lose feeling in your toes!

  • Leave this state

Just go, and take me with you.

  • Buy salt

Like the kind of salt that you spread on your driveway, but I think regular salt will work too? It’ll help get you out of slippery situations. 

  • Be aware of your surroundings

Do not and I repeat Do not shovel in the middle of the street, stay in your lane. Also look out for black ice, if the road seems shiny and it hasn’t rained,or if it has rained and the temperature is in the low thirties high twenties, there’s most likely going to be black ice. 

  • Learn how to drive

It’s snow not rainbow road, stop braking every two seconds. 

And lastly

  • Leave this state stay on your toes 

A rule of thumb in Massachusetts is that you never know what to expect. It could be raining one minute and hailing the next. So be prepared and be safe. 

HE’S JUST SO PRETTY: The Many Sides of Cyan Picard

On September 17, 2015 I made my decision – my decision to reveal the many different sides of Cyan Picard. Cyan, a member of the journalism team, happily provides us with much amusement and laughter.

For instance, earlier today Cyan got a hold on my phone and proceeded to litter my SnapChat with many clips of myself and my friends (which were rather hilarious). My story, by the end of the day, was incredibly long.

Cyan is basically a bundle of spontaneity, charisma, nonsense, and sarcasm. She is also convinced that she will marry an Asian-American. The following are a bunch of quotes from today alone.


*As Cyan weeps over Yoon Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN* “He’s just so pretty!!” *Shows me picture of Korean idol, Yoon Jeonghan with long, blonde hair.* “Look at him!” *Begins to introduce me to all the members of SEVENTEEN as I zone out and record what’s happening.*


“They’re all so much taller than me!” *Wails*

I guess one could say, in a word, that Cyan is blunt; in a funny sense of course. She always makes those around her laugh. And even though she thinks herself to look “too young”, call herself a “fetus”, and also thinks herself to be “too short” I’ve got some news for her and everyone else out there.

Cyan is awesome. At yearbook the other day we were looking at the pictures she’d selected, and even though she’d said she didn’t care for a particular photo, she looked fabulous in it.

Many people take themselves for granted, but if they just saw what they’re friends who care about them see in them and how they look at them, they’d have a better appreciation for themselves.

So today, how about you go out there and give a compliment or two? You might just make a new (and spontaneously awesome) friend.

Photo credit (original): ask seventeen (tumblr)


The K-Pop Konundrum

Isn’t it strange how sometimes things can take us by surprise? Well, I didn’t realize how much so until recently. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been introduced to a whole new world of music. As a musician, I know this is no small deal. It’s wonderful to find something new and exciting every once in a while to switch things up a bit. However, I wasn’t introduced to what many would expect, like a new artist, but in fact music from an entirely different country. What is it, you ask? 

*Chuckles nervously* 


Now, what is K-Pop? I’m sure many of you are wondering, so I’ll cover some of the basics for you. K-Pop is short for Korean Pop. However, you can’t just say, “Oh, I’m into K-Pop.” That would be the equivalent of saying that you’re into A-Pop (American Pop). And, as you can imagine, there are a whole lot of Pop bands in the US, so just saying that you like K-Pop is like saying you like it all. And I mean ALL. And all is a ton, as they have a boatload of artists (much like we do).

But this week I was able to interview some of the people that got me into the K-Pop world. I met up with Loree, Cyan, and Laiza.

Sabrina (Me): So what is K-Pop to you?

Laiza: A black hole.

Loree: A life-ruiner.

Cyan: Trash.

(All these answers were full of sarcasm. All three are fangirls, and we conversed about how a true fangirl tries to find an escape but can’t). 

Sabrina: So how long have each of you been into K-Pop?

Laiza: Since the start of this year. I heard about it from nowhere in particular. It just occurred to me that it must exist.

Loree: I learned about it almost five years ago from my sister. The first song I heard and got addicted to was Gee by Girl’s Generation.

Cyan: I found it on Loree’s iPod in eighth grade and have been addicted ever since.

Sabrina: So what are your biases, or your favorite songs, singers, groups?

Laiza: All of EXO’s songs. Favorite singers? All of EXO. Favorite groups would be Red Velvet and EXO.

Loree: *Stutters* (No response to favorite songs). My favorite singer is Kim Jongin (Kai) from EXO. And currently my favorite group is EXO.

Cyan: My favorite songs are Mansae by SEVENTEEN and Dum Dum by Red Velvet. My favorite singer is Jeonghan Yoon from SEVENTEEN. And my favorite groups right now are probably… SEVENTEEN and Bangten (aka BTS).

Sabrina: Okay, and lastly, what are your ship names, if you have one? 

Laiza: Easy, Laizexo. 

Loree: Kairee. *smiles* (This ship name is courtesy of Cyan).

Cyan: Jeonyan. (Courtesy of Loree).

After I closed up the interview the girls hopped back to work, and I thought back to some of the events in class. Before I’d even asked them if they wanted to answer a few questions the three were already huddled around Laiza’s computer listening to the infamous music.

So what do you guys think? What sort of music do you listen to? Do you listen to any music from other countries? Let me know what they are in the comments below! I’d love to hear about it (also so that I might try listening to it too)!

Anonymous Advocate: Winter Wonderland

With fall almost behind us and winter fast approaching the weather presents us with ample date ideas with options ranging from snowball fights is that even romantic to hot cocoa and chill, either way romance is in the air with these fun date ideas.

  • Netflix

I’m joking but I’m not. Staying at home or a mountain lodge? with that special someone, wrapped up in piles of fuzzy blankets while sipping hot cocoa doesn’t sound half bad. But pairing it with a good Christmassy movie is the cherry on top of the snow covered ice-cream. Netflix is all good and well but if you’re poor like me, the Hallmark channel has got you covered.

  • Restaurants

While sitting at home watching movies might not always fly with your parents, there stands the option of going out to eat at a restaurant. But thus instigates the age-old question of who pays? The good thing about winter is that you’re already cold and miserable, and if you play your cards right, you’re both too cold to care and your date will happily pay as long as warmth is guaranteed.

  • Snowball Fights

This might not be the most romantic of date ideas, but it is fun. And it makes for a great double date idea if you need to do something last minute. Throwing snowballs at each other and cheating to ensure your victory, what more could you ask for? And ending it with chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa (you can never have too much) makes it perfect.

  • Baking

Are you the significant other that suggests baking as a lame date idea? Of course not, because baking is a great date idea! Let’s skip all the cutesy throwing flour at each other and eating the batter before it’s finished, think more…how much of this can we shove into our mouths before we either get in trouble or die. Plus, you get to clean up afterwards, teaching children the valuable life lesson of taking responsibility for your flour-throwing actions.

  • Reading

Whether it’s raining or snowing, reading by the windowsill with or to each other can be a really relaxing and fun date. Expand your horizons!

  • Sleeping

Studies have shown that this improves relationships.

And while there are many other date ideas, sometimes keeping it simple just might be the trick to having the best date.


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