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The SA election results are in and it’s looking promising! On Tuesday May 5th, the students of SLA gathered in the downstairs chapel to choose their SA officers for the 2015-2016 school year. Here’s the list of candidates.

President: Allison Fernandes vs. DeAnna Brown

Vice President: Valerie Baez vs. Tristan Johnson

Pastor: Daniel Hammond

Secretary: Chrissie Fuller vs. Christelle Omeler

Treasurer: Olivia Howes vs. Stephen LaFrankie

Sergeant at Arms: Zach Mularczyk

Public Relations: Laiza Graciela vs. Devin Crowley

Each candidate wrote and presented a two minute speech stating why they would be good for their positions. Some candidates, like LaFrankie or Johnson used humor to gain support while others, like Howes, used stories from their childhood or examples of accomplishments to back up their arguments.

At the end, DeAnna Brown and Allison Fernandes had a heated debate in which they answered questions about their potential presidency and what they would do with their power.  Both candidates brought good assets to the table and presented good arguments for their campaign.

The results were announced the next period and go as follows.

Public Relations: Devin Crowley

Sergeant at Arms: Zach Mularczyk

Treasurer: Stephen LaFrankie

Secretary: Chrissie Fuller

Pastor: Daniel Hammond

Vice President: Valerie Baez

President: DeAnna Brown

So far, the officers for next year look eager and ready to make a difference in this school. What changes do you want to see happening at SLA in the next school year?

The Lamb Wins!

Last Thursday, SLA had a special chapel with three guests from the Lesser Light Collective, a group that put together the Lamb Wins Project. The Lamb Wins founder, Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, her daughter, Alison Brook, a professional singer and song-writer, and rapper and spoken-word artist, Lee Givhan played an hour-long musical journey through the book of Revelation based on an album that they released with a slew of other contemporary Christian artists.

Jennifer, who is a folk singer, began the Lamb Wins project shortly after meetin Lee Givhan and his beatboxing partner, Delon Lawrence. She said she felt an impression by the Holy Spirit to ask them to help with her “Revelation Project” which quickly grew into the Lesser Light Collective, a group of eighteen or so musicians.

The album consists of two discs with forty songs following the chronological stories of Revelation, with all kinds of musical styles ranging from folky sounds to rap and spoken word.

To purchase a copy of The Lamb Wins! click this link:

To listen to the music inspired by Revelation, click here:

To see Alison Brook’s website go here:


Your Parent/Teacher Conference Survival Kit

Aahhh. Do you smell that? No I’m not talking about the fresh spring air or the impending promise of allergies. I’m talking about the blood that’s about to be shed during the upcoming parent/teacher conferences. If your grades are anything like mine this quarter, the bottom line is this: you are going to die. But we’re not just high school students, we’re not just failures; we are survivors, we will live. So without further ado, here’s your personalized parent/teacher conference survival kit.

1) A full body Samurai suit. You can laugh, but seriously, you will be safe inside of this thing. Not to mention, you’ll look like a warrior version of Darth Vader, so hey, it’s all good. At least if your mom tries to beat you, you’ll be safe inside this thing.  

Courtesy of Google Images

2) Some serious lists. I know that desperate times call for desperate measures, and making a list may not seem like the best thing to do, but there’s nothing people sometimes appreciate more than a handwritten sentiment… Plus the pen is sharper than your hypothetical Samurai sword, so whip out your nicest paper and make a list of all the things your mother loves about you, then tape a copy to her mirror, her steering wheel, her makeup bag, her bedroom window, and basically every surface in the house. Maybe if she remembers why she loves you, she won’t want to kill you.

3) A memory ray. Call me crazy, but if you could zap your teacher’s memory before he says something about your grades, all your problems could be solved. Also you might want to check the legal implications of erasing someone’s memory and be prepared to pay them for damages.

4)  A defibrillator. Just in case your heart stops beating, it might be nice. Also you should probably assign one of your friends to rescucitate you, should your parents refuse.

5) Your will. You should probably start writing it now, so that you’ll have everything in place before you die. Hire a lawyer too, so you’ll be fully equipped to deal with any unexpected crises that might include your death. Pick out a gravestone while you’re at it.

6) One deep breath in, and one deep breath out. Relax. Because at the end of the day, your parents and teachers care about your success in life. They give you a hard time about your grades because they want to see you go places (like down to hell, just kidding). So don’t worry about it. In the end, how bad can it be? At least you’ll look super cool in your Samurai suit.

Furious 7: A Final Tribute to Paul Walker

I had never watched a Fast and Furious movie in my life, and therefore when Paul Walker died, I was sad that a well-loved human being had died, but didn’t grieve with the rest of the country. When I watched Fast and Furious 7, it was for a birthday party, and not out of my own free will and choice. I STILL CRIED!!!

As far as my review of the overall movie goes, there were a lot of explosions. There were also a lot of pimped out cars pulling off absolutely ludicrous stunts in ridiculous ways that made me question every law of gravity and physics ever. The only words I could manage to utter mainly consisted of, “What?” and, “No.”

The story follows the team as they are under attack by the brother of a former villain, out for revenge against the people who permanently disabled his precious sibling. Hobbs (AKA: the Rock) is, disappointingly, out for most of the movie due to falling out the window and onto a car, escaping with a couple broken ribs and a broken arm; and Han is killed in Tokyo by the movie’s undead supervillain (as far as I’m concerned, everyone who is alive in this movie is also undead because there’s no possible way these people survived for seven movies). Meanwhile, Brian is struggling with accepting his domestic life with Mia, and Letty and Dom have relationship issues on account of her amnesia.

Then comes the tricky part: getting revenge on an undead supervillain without Han and/or Hobbs. Their whole chance of catching and retiring him rests on an anonymous hacker named Ramsey who has been kidnapped by terrorists. In a death-defying car chase, they extract Ramsey (Who they discover is a very attractive female. Who would’ve guessed?) from the clutches of the evil terrorists and then go on a series of even more death-defying stunts in the Arabian desert in order to find her invention: a software called “God’s Eye” that can hack into every single computer and camera in the world.

In the climax, Dom and Sir British Undead Supervillain have a man fist-fight, while Hobbs muscle-flexes his way out of a cast so he can go shoot some things. Meanwhile, Ramsey, Letty, Roman, Brian, and Tej dodge being blown to bits by RPGs. Also there are cars.

I didn’t cry because I was disappointed by the plotline or the abounding numbers of the undead. I cried because Furious 7- The Last Ride- was about saying goodbye. Realistic car crashes or not, the cast of Fast and Furious said goodbye to a dear friend, and they let him go the best way they knew how- by letting him drive off into the sunset, doing what he loves. It’s not just the conclusion to a very long and drawn out series, it is the final tribute to Paul Walker.

NNEC Celebrates 35th Annual Music Clinic

On Saturday March 28, over a thousand people crammed into the Pine Tree Academy gym for the Northern New England Conference’s 2015 Music Clinic finale. Occurring over a course of three days, the NNEC music clinic is a rigorous workshop where young musicians come together to work on what they love.

Consisting of five major groups, students can pick one or two and move in between them in different periods. Band, orchestra, and choir are the most popular, followed by an energizing youth choir (grades 5-6) and a three-level piano group. Each group presents their religious songs at the Friday night vespers and the Sabbath morning service, and then their secular, fun peices on Saturday night for the grand finale.

The pianists opened the program with two fun peices, and then a Gabriel Faure piece, Sicilienne, to end. The youth choir, directed by Mrs. Krueger- PTA’s music teacher, sang Place in the Choir, a song about God’s creatures praising Him, and the old favorite, Over the Rainbow. The strings director, Laurie Redmar-Minner, brought the audience to tears with a beautiful version of Music of the Night, while the choir (with Director Evan Chesney) made everyone laugh and clap with the Fugue for Fast Food and Oh! Susanna. They ended strong with a Sound of Music medley as a tribute to the movie’s 50 year anniversary. The band, under PTA’s principal, Mr. Krueger, played several American-themed tunes, including American Cameos.

This year, for the 35th anniversary, the committee chose the theme “Heaven is My Home” and the entire clinic performed Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus as this year’s finale peice.

If students could describe the music clinic experience, they would tell you that it’s tough, but worth it. “Grueling. Grueling work, and at times excruciating.” Says a first violinist, Sabrina Mapes. “But then it all pays off when you get to play.

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