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Interview of the Week: Kim JaeYoon

This week Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet a new friend. His name was Kim JaeYoon, who is from South Korea and is attending school at Purdue in Indiana. I was able to sit down and talk to him over the phone along with Cyan Picard and our teacher Miss Kate.

I shared a bit about myself to kick of the interview and then jumped right in.

So tell me a bit about yourself. Do you have any hobbies?

My hobby? Probably playing basketball.

Nice! Do you have a favorite movie by any chance?

Umm… I don’t really watch movies. I do watch trailers, though.

Are you purely Korean? Or do you have some Chinese or Japanese acceptors? 

I’m purely Korean. 

Are you fluent in any other languages?

I can speak a little bit of Chinese, Japanese, and English and Korean of course. 

Do you have any siblings?

No. I don’t have any siblings. 

What do your parents do?

My dad is an English professor at a university in Korea and my mom works in a hospital.

Where are you from exactly?

I’m from a district in Seoul, Korea in the district called Jamsil.

So where did you go to school before Purdue?

I went to KAPA for high school and I was at Minnesota for seventh and eighth grade. 

What do you think about Minnesota?

Minnesota? It’s freezing cold. I’m never going back there.

(At this point in the interview Cyan chirped in with a single comment: “That’s me.”)

Indiana is still pretty cold for me, too.

I hear you were in the U.S. before high school. How was your experience?

It was okay, but there are some cultural and racial differences. It was the first time I went there for studying, so I had a hard time getting used to that environment and stuff. So getting into it was the hardest part. 

What about now?

I’m invested into the culture and stuff… But now the studying is hard. I”m actually going to take some time off from this semester. 

Oh? What are you going to do?

I’ll be joining the army and working.

How long is military service?

It’s twenty-one months. So that’s like… two years. 

What was the collage hunt like?

It was devastating. It was a choice between where I wanted to go and where I can go. You know? My major is chemistry and I had to choose collages between those that are for chemistry majors and colleges that I can actually apply for based on my grades. So that was basically my internal conflict. It was pretty much the most stressful thing I had to go through during my high school life. 

Why do you want an American education versus a Korean one?

A Korean education is… urghhhhh… It’s kinda tough to say. I don’t think the Korean education has a goal. They only teach and/or learn to get into better colleges or get better jobs. But with an American education it’s like… I feel like I’m actually learning something, not just trying to become successful but actually, like, learning and doing many things that I really want to do.

What are some that you could give us for studying?

Tips for studying? *Kim chuckled* Well, I don’t think this is the right question for me… Because I really hate studying, you know? 

Now I have a couple of questions from the rest of the class…

So Cyan wants to know…

Cyan: We never got your bloodtype!

Yeah, so what is your age, height and blood type?

*Chuckles* My international age is nineteen and my Korean age is twenty-one. My bloodtype is A and my height is approximately 183 cm.

Wait how? How is your age like that?

Well, my birthday is 1196 December 20th. But my on-paper birthday is in January. Because in Korea when you’re born you’re one and since I’m born on December 20th, which is the week before the next year, I’d be considered two the week after I was born. So my parents decided to delay my official birthday until January.

So Danny wants to know if you have a favorite superhero.

Superhero? Um, I’ve never thought about that in my life. I don’t really watch superhero movies. 

That’s so funny! Okay, on to the next question… So DeAnna would like to know what your favorite holiday is and why.

Thanksgiving. Well, Chuseok. Because it’s the longest break in Korea. 

Louis would like to know if you play any video games and if you do what are they?

Probably, like, League of Legends. Sometimes, sometimes League of Legends. And RPG games. About 70% of Koreans play League of Legends, but not all. 

Lastly, Ashley would like to know what is your favorite type of music and would like to know if you do Tae kwon do.

My favorite type of music? I listen to a variety of music. I listen to rock, hip-hop, and that’s about it. As for Tae kwon do, yes. I’m a black belt. A second degree black belt. I quit it after high school though.

Well thank you so much! We’ll let you head to class. Thank you so much for your time! 

Cyan, Miss Kate and I had a great time talking to Kim. It was interesting to sit down and just learn about someone for a while. Leave a comment below!



What’s Wattpad?

Are you a teen that’s big into reading and/or writing? Struggling to find something to read? Well, I might just have a treat for you!

A couple of years ago I was over at friends house when she introduced me to Wattpad, an online reading site where you can write and share your stories as well as read other stories written by other users. With categories like teen fiction, fantasy, and short stories you’ll have plenty to read.

I joined while at that girl’s house, and let me tell you I’ve gone through phases. At first I was really into it, reading a ton of stories and even writing my story (if you wanna check it out you can find it here). Then there were times when I wouldn’t read so much. But not everyone goes through these phases of lack of interest with Wattpad.

A couple months back I introduced my friend to Wattpad and she has turned into a Wattpad addict, always reading whenever I see her.

You can find the signup link right here.

The girl who introduced Wattpad to me has written stories as well. You can find her profile here. Here’s another awesome writers that you can follow here. She writes superhero fan fiction.

Already on Wattpad? Share your experience and/or favorite stories so far in the comments below!


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What to brew, what to brew…

With the warmer weather that has recently decided to show up comes plants, and within the category of plants comes herbs. And what can herbs be used for? Tea, obviously.

In this article I’ll be covering a whole bunch of teas that are great for you!

Black Tea:

Black tea is used as the base in chai and may even protect the lungs from second hand smoking. It may even reduce the risk of a stroke and can lower cholesterol. (Paraphrased form here.)

White Tea:

May potentially hold “anticancer” qualities. (Paraphrased from here).

Oolong Tea:

May possibly lower bad cholesterol levels. Science hasn’t totally backed up the claims that people have for a variety of oolong called Wuyi. (Paraphrased from here).

Pu-erh Tea:

lowers weight gain and reduces LDL cholesterol. (Paraphrased from here).

Green Tea:

Full of catechins ( a type of antioxidants) that can “ward off everything from cancer to heart disease”. (Paraphrased from here).


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Herbal Tea:

Contains no caffeine and, depending on the kind of herbal tea, can also hold fantastic health benefits. Hibiscus tea, if taken daily, can help lower blood pressure in people who have hypertension. Chamomile can help people sleep and peppermint may help calm the stomach. (Paraphrased from here).

Ginger Tea:

Digestive aid and can be used to soothe “nausea, vomiting, and an upset stomach due to motion sickness.” (Paraphrased from here).

Rooibos Tea:

Has great “antioxidant properties which may in turn ward off disease and the signs of aging.” (Paraphrased from here).

Lemon Balm Tea:

Can help lift the spirits, helps keep you cheery during the winter, and help your mind rest before going to bed and allow you a more restful sleep. (Paraphrased from here).

A fantastic tea for the common cold that I cook up at home is a Lemon-Ginger tea with honey. The ginger calms the stomach and the lemon combined with the honey can soothe a sore throat. Trust me, it works!

My personal favorite tea is Sleepytime Peach by Celestial Seasonings prepared with either honey or sugar and a little milk. My secret? A little bit of cinnamon to spice things up! It’s great before going to bed (but go easy on the milk if you’re going to go to bed right after).

Try any of these teas out and let me know what ya think in the comments below!

The Taste of Travel

Some of the plates in this article were found from this Huffington Post and are based off of their choices. I added my own opinions and descriptions to each plate as well as a few dishes worthy of mention that I personally enjoy. Enjoy (or if not, check out the original article above)!

Eating and traveling; two things I love to do. I haven’t visited every continent (yet) but these dishes really made me hungry when looking them over.

North America


Image found here

What better dish than the All-American hamburger with a side fries and an apple pie dessert? True, North America is made up of much more than just America, but apparently this is what really grabs people’s attention when they think of N. ‘Murica.


South America

Peruvian Ceviche

Image found here

A traditional dish from Peru called the Peruvian Ceviche is a seafood dish with citrus drizzled over it with spices galore. And don’t forget Inca Kola on the side (that stuff is great, I tried it while in Peru on a mission trip through SLA). Sounds pretty yummy if you’re into that kinda seafood (but I think I’ll stick to my fish plate from Kimball Farm). 😉


Neapolitan pizza

Image found here

PIZZA! The traditional go-to food for teens. Okay, it’s more than that, but you know what I mean. The Italian Neapolitan Pizza is the perfect pizza. It’s made with all the basic ingredients of a traditional pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese made in a BRICK OVEN. You heard me right – A BRICK OVEN PEOPLE! :O


thai green curry

Image found here

If you ever get the chance to stop by Thailand, try out the Thai green curry. This is a specialty Asian dish that you can’t afford to miss out on! It’s made with coconut milk, green curry paste, and can be eaten with noodles and meat, and many other things. My stomach is growling just writing this (help).


jollof rice

Image found here

Jollof rice. Sounds funny, huh? Well hold only your socks because this is about to get historical. Jollof rice has been around since tribal times in Africa, so this is some serious authentic food. It’s made of rice, tomatoes, onions, and other spices that make up this perfectly delectable dish. But listen to this, instead of using corn oil to fry the ingredients, they use coconut oil! (Insert hungry face here).



Image found here

So I had some trouble thinking up an Australian dish, just like a lot of people do. Luckily the Huffington Post is here to help (as with all the other dishes). Damper is a traditional Australian soda bread that is made of a wheat based baked over the coals of a fire. YUM!



Image found here

So I didn’t find anything for this chilly continent from the Huffington Post, so I looked up some recipes. What I came up with was pretty interesting. They make this food called Pemmican (AKA the meat-bar). Sounds pretty weird, right? It’s a native American food, some say Cree, that is basically a mix of dried meat and fat. It can be eaten alone or mixed with a biscuit and water to make a new concoction called hoosh. Information found here.

So what did ya think? Think you would try any of these dishes? Which one sounds the most delicious to you? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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2016 Senior Class Trip

skyzoneThe struggle for this year’s seniors has been real. If you haven’t already heard, the class of 2016 will be spending their class trip in-state due to lack of funds. A good portion of the class was displeased with these results and some confusion was beginning to swirl amidst the class.

Luckily enough, Mr. Lambert is back from paternity leave (as of Monday the 9th) and stopped by our class meeting Wednesday (the 11th of May).

In order to get a general feel of the class’ opinion I asked a few seniors their opinion on the idea of staying in-state for class trip before the meeting Wednesday.

Ashley DaSilva said, “It just stinks because we kept switching ideas for where to go all the time. We didn’t have a steady plan for collecting money from the class. In class the topics were mostly about fundraising when we really just wanted to talk about what we wanted to do for class trip, too.”

“Well, half of us really don’t know what’s going on. I don’t really care about us being in-state for class trip– since when I travel something horrible usually happens to me — I also get sick,” stated Cyan Picard while in journalism class.

DeAnna Brown said, “I don’t really care as long as we’re all there together and get to hang out.”

After the meeting was held, I asked the same students their opinion to see if their opinions had changed at all after getting a better feel for what was going on.

“Well, I’m gonna go on the trip. I’m just happy that we had a productive class meeting and figured out what was going on,” Ashley DaSilva stated on Thursday.

“I mean, I kinda just give up. I’m upset that it’s just day trips. Class trips are supposed to be away and hanging out together. I’m just bummed out that we’re doing mainly day trips,” Cyan Picard followed up.

DeAnna Brown’s opinion, however, was pretty similar to her initial statement. “I’m still interested in going– even though I’m going to miss half of it because of trips– but I’m still going to go.”

Senior Class trip will take place over the course of five days including two nights in cabins. Some of the trips the Seniors are looking forward to are Sky Zone, Natick, Lazer Craze, and the beach. The trip also includes trips to Six Flags New England/Water Park, Ramblewild Obstacle Course, and heading home.

Many in the class would have preferred that we’d gone to Orlando, Florida, but ultimately don’t think it’s worth dropping out and sacrificing their time with friends just because they aren’t going to the preferred destination.

How would you feel if this happened to you? What would you do? Let us know in the comments below!

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