About Us

The Pioneer is a student-created, student-led newspaper dedicated to providing quality news coverage for both Browning Elementary & South Lancaster Academy.

Above all, we as an organization pledge to be a Christ-centered, student-oriented publication dedicated to the students & alumni of South Lancaster Academy.

“The Pioneer” student newspaper is a branch of Pioneer Studios, the parent media organization of South Lancaster Academy.

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. We can be reached by email at slapioneer@gmail.com or by phone at (978) 368-8544.

Want to know more about South Lancaster Academy? Visit our school website at www.sla-browning.org

2014-15 Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Nawal Habib

Section Editor: Edyn-Mae Stevenson

Section Editor: Igor Delinski

Section Editor: Jordan LePlatte

Staff Reporters: Alex Castro, Josh Martin

Crusader Productions Video Staff: Alex Castro, Jordan LePlatte, Rafael Menezes, Henrique Silva

Pioneer Hall of Fame

The entire Pioneer staff recognizes the hard work of those who have come before them. We thank these students for their efforts in bringing this publication to where it is today. Here are the members of the Pioneer staff since it’s web inception:

2013-14 Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Elena Shand
Assistant Editor: Nawal Habib
News Editor: Roxanne Bruso
Spiritual Life Editor: Edyn-Mae Stevenson
Sports Editor: Sergio (Alex) Castro
Lifestyle Editor: Allura Milliron
Technology Editor: Arlan Gagnon
Photographer: Jaki Windover
Staff Reporters: Amber Sanchez, Natalia Perez
Crusader Productions Video Staff: Samantha Crowley, Victoria Stong, Jared Allain, Nathan Howes, Devin Crowley, Josue Feliciano, Davis Parsons, Igor Delinski, Lothar Gloss, Todd LeShane


Editor-in-Chief: Brandon Beneche
Assistant Editor: Kenisha Malcolm
News Editor: Natalia Perez
Spiritual Life Editor: Elena Shand
Sports Editor: Lisa Gifford
Arts & Entertainment Editor: Nawal Habib
Photographer: Nakeyah Williams
Staff Reporters: Jennifer Sierra, Allura Milliron
Crusader Productions Video Staff: Igor Delinski, Deanna Howard, Sam Holguin


Editor-in-Chief: Tia Allain
Assistant/News Editor: Natalia Perez
Spiritual Life Editor: Thomas Beneche
Sports Editor: Brandon Beneche
Arts & Entertainment Editor: J.P. Viteri
Technology Editor: Erik Kline
Photographer: Alyssia Cutler
Staff Reporters: Jennifer Sierra, Ethan Comley
Crusader Productions Staff: Esther Owusu, J.P. Viteri


Editor-in-Chief: Brett Gustafson
News Editor: Kathleen Robidoux
Spiritual Life Editor: Kara Nicholas
Sports Editor: Daanan Hall
Arts & Entertainment Editor: Yaritza Brown
Staff Reporters: Natalia Perez, Sharisse Rivas, Erik Kline, Kyrsti Cotton
Photographer: Alexsandra Hornett
Crusader Productions Staff: Robson Brito, Luccas Ferreira, Nikolas Archilla, Gerson Corominas
  1. After looking at your celebrity- and entertainment-oriented website, I wouldn’t send my child to the cesspool spoiling the Name of Jesus and the SDA Church. Even the few “spiritual” articles leave one wondering what has happened to the special message this church has.

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