The Future Is Us

The Future Is Us

People like to say that we are the future like the future owns us.

Like we are waiting at the corner of town for a bus

Waiting for us, to take reign of our future


Taking stops to teach and be our own tutor

Looking at each and every failure as we drive by

Trying to look away, farther away, maybe the sky.

As we try to understand we feel tears streaming down our face, not trying to cry

Telling each other everyday another lie, for comfort and love.

Face the facts, our past does not need to control our future

Learn from it and be a better person and do better things

We are the future the present and the past

Learn that we are the owner of our own future

And we can discover good in the past

And work in the present to live a good future

And take control to learn to live and lead

Learn to love each and every creed.

Judge by the goodness of a heart

Not from the segregation the past brings and present sings

Be your own future.

-Daniel Hammond

I wrote this poem in a time period where I was feeling the movement to talk about our future. If you enjoyed this poem or have any type of comment you may leave them in the section below. Thanks for reading! Also the image comes from Michael Marantz



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