South Lancaster SA Election


SA election are coming soon. These elections will show who our student Association will be next year. The titles that student can hold are  President, Vice president, Treasurer, Pastor, Secretary, Public Relation and Sergeant at Arms. To vote you must understand what each position means.

   President: The authority and responsibility of Presidents vary according to their respective institutions. Students performing in this role typically serve a ceremonial and managerial purpose, as a spokesperson of the entire student body. The president may oversee his or her association’s efforts on student activity events and planning, school policy support from students, budget allocation, fiscal planning, recognition of developing issues pertaining to students, and communication between faculty/staff and the student body.


   Vice President: To keep order at meetings, to assist the president, and become acting president in the event the president cannot fulfill their duties.


   Treasurer: The treasurer  is the SA’s official custodian of the money and the trustee of the accounts and must be able to explain the budget to members. The specific duties of the treasurer are: 1. Properly receive and disburse moneys.


   Pastor: This job includes helping the School pastor with finding speakers for student chapels, and providing help in spiritual life and speaking and studying the bible.


   Secretary: This person is in charge of taking notes at the student council meetings and Executive Board meetings and will type for the student council.


    Public Relations:Takes attendance.Handles incoming, and outgoing correspondence,Takes notes at meetings and keep accurate records Exemplifies good school citizenship.


   Sergeant at Arms: Duty includes maintaining order and security around school and events.


 So who’s running for SA offices? Well here’s who.

  President: Christina Fuller

  Vice President: Zach Mularczyk

  Pastor: Daniel Hammond,Josh Silver,Alaina Carpenter

  Secretary:Isadora Ferreira, Eli Jun,Valerie Baez

  Public Relations: Liaza Silvia

  Treasurer: Emily Delinski, Evan Garriety


 If you enjoyed and found this article informative you can leave a comment below. If you hoping to run for a office turn in your papers you only have till this friday. Thanks you and have a wonderful day.!


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