Senior Lunch


Every year, it is tradition that the principal takes the senior class out to lunch. This year, as other years, we went to Papa Razzi. This is a nice restaurant that serves Italian cuisine. Although it is not perfectly authentic, it’s acceptable for American-Italian food. A week before this event, our principal gave us a menu to pre-choose our meals so they would be ready quickly while we were there.


On Wednesday, we all came into school wearing very nice clothing in preparation to go out. We loaded onto the bus at 10:45 a.m. and arrived about half an hour later. We were led into the back party room. There were several round tables where we divided ourselves up.


I sat with some of my very close friends and we had very many interesting conversations and shared some memories as well. Our server came in shortly after we arrived to ask what drinks we wanted. Many ordered iced teas, lemonades, and sodas. We were then given our bread and drinks. While we snacked on the bread, the salads were being prepared.


I had a very delicious vinaigrette salad with cranberries. Most of us finished the whole thing. We were pretty hungry — some of us had skipped breakfast! Once everyone was done, we spoke for a bit, then our main courses started coming in. There were pizzas, pasta, and I had gnocchi. Everyone enjoyed their food. My gnocchi was very cheesy, and delicious!


During the main course, my friends and I shared memories from trips we have taken together. It was a little sad because this dinner was symbolizing the close of a chapter. We finished our main course and then the dessert came out. I had a very tart lemon sorbet while others had chocolate cake, cheesecake, apple crisps, and more.


I guess even though everyone looks forward to the last course of the meal — dessert — it is the end of the meal experience. It reminds me what this meal was for. Senior year of High School can be sweet and tart like my sorbet. Everyone wants it to be over quickly but you can enjoy what is potentially the last year you can really spend freely with your friends. We have to cherish the memories we make while this time lasts and make the most of it. I know I will really miss everyone but this is the close of one chapter in our lives and the start of a new one.

Are you a graduating senior this year? Tell us your best memmories down below!


Special thanks to Papa Razzi!



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