Interview of the Week: Kim JaeYoon

This week Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet a new friend. His name was Kim JaeYoon, who is from South Korea and is attending school at Purdue in Indiana. I was able to sit down and talk to him over the phone along with Cyan Picard and our teacher Miss Kate.

I shared a bit about myself to kick of the interview and then jumped right in.

So tell me a bit about yourself. Do you have any hobbies?

My hobby? Probably playing basketball.

Nice! Do you have a favorite movie by any chance?

Umm… I don’t really watch movies. I do watch trailers, though.

Are you purely Korean? Or do you have some Chinese or Japanese acceptors? 

I’m purely Korean. 

Are you fluent in any other languages?

I can speak a little bit of Chinese, Japanese, and English and Korean of course. 

Do you have any siblings?

No. I don’t have any siblings. 

What do your parents do?

My dad is an English professor at a university in Korea and my mom works in a hospital.

Where are you from exactly?

I’m from a district in Seoul, Korea in the district called Jamsil.

So where did you go to school before Purdue?

I went to KAPA for high school and I was at Minnesota for seventh and eighth grade. 

What do you think about Minnesota?

Minnesota? It’s freezing cold. I’m never going back there.

(At this point in the interview Cyan chirped in with a single comment: “That’s me.”)

Indiana is still pretty cold for me, too.

I hear you were in the U.S. before high school. How was your experience?

It was okay, but there are some cultural and racial differences. It was the first time I went there for studying, so I had a hard time getting used to that environment and stuff. So getting into it was the hardest part. 

What about now?

I’m invested into the culture and stuff… But now the studying is hard. I”m actually going to take some time off from this semester. 

Oh? What are you going to do?

I’ll be joining the army and working.

How long is military service?

It’s twenty-one months. So that’s like… two years. 

What was the collage hunt like?

It was devastating. It was a choice between where I wanted to go and where I can go. You know? My major is chemistry and I had to choose collages between those that are for chemistry majors and colleges that I can actually apply for based on my grades. So that was basically my internal conflict. It was pretty much the most stressful thing I had to go through during my high school life. 

Why do you want an American education versus a Korean one?

A Korean education is… urghhhhh… It’s kinda tough to say. I don’t think the Korean education has a goal. They only teach and/or learn to get into better colleges or get better jobs. But with an American education it’s like… I feel like I’m actually learning something, not just trying to become successful but actually, like, learning and doing many things that I really want to do.

What are some that you could give us for studying?

Tips for studying? *Kim chuckled* Well, I don’t think this is the right question for me… Because I really hate studying, you know? 

Now I have a couple of questions from the rest of the class…

So Cyan wants to know…

Cyan: We never got your bloodtype!

Yeah, so what is your age, height and blood type?

*Chuckles* My international age is nineteen and my Korean age is twenty-one. My bloodtype is A and my height is approximately 183 cm.

Wait how? How is your age like that?

Well, my birthday is 1196 December 20th. But my on-paper birthday is in January. Because in Korea when you’re born you’re one and since I’m born on December 20th, which is the week before the next year, I’d be considered two the week after I was born. So my parents decided to delay my official birthday until January.

So Danny wants to know if you have a favorite superhero.

Superhero? Um, I’ve never thought about that in my life. I don’t really watch superhero movies. 

That’s so funny! Okay, on to the next question… So DeAnna would like to know what your favorite holiday is and why.

Thanksgiving. Well, Chuseok. Because it’s the longest break in Korea. 

Louis would like to know if you play any video games and if you do what are they?

Probably, like, League of Legends. Sometimes, sometimes League of Legends. And RPG games. About 70% of Koreans play League of Legends, but not all. 

Lastly, Ashley would like to know what is your favorite type of music and would like to know if you do Tae kwon do.

My favorite type of music? I listen to a variety of music. I listen to rock, hip-hop, and that’s about it. As for Tae kwon do, yes. I’m a black belt. A second degree black belt. I quit it after high school though.

Well thank you so much! We’ll let you head to class. Thank you so much for your time! 

Cyan, Miss Kate and I had a great time talking to Kim. It was interesting to sit down and just learn about someone for a while. Leave a comment below!




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