Halli Galli

If you have every played slapjack, if so your in for a treat. This game is similar and maybe even more fun. It also very healthy because it contains fruits such as strawberries,banana,pears, and plums. This game contains a bell, and fifty two fruit colored cards. The rules are listed below

  • two to six players can play
  • ten minutes is a good limit
  • split the cards evenly among the players
  • Put the bell between the group so everyone can reach
  • all players put there cards face down
  • in order they pull a card up away from themselves in their own individual group
  • When the a pair of five fruit and only five appears(not actually a cards but fruit(s) on card) slap the the bell in the center.
  • If you slap the bell correctly you get everyones deck
  • If you slap it incorrectly you give everyone a card from your own deck and continue with the same individual decks.
  • the point of the game is to end up with all of the cards

The game is playable almost anywhere and doesn’t need much space. The game is played a lot in korea. It is fun for parties, christmas dinners, and thanksgiving dinners. If you feel like your game skills are fruit-afull this is the perfect game for you. If you want to  learn more about this game or have a comment you can leave them down in the comment section below. Here is also a link for more information the game.


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