Stop Hunger Now

Last Friday, on May 6, South Lancaster Academy hosted a meal packaging event with Stop Hunger Now. Stop Hunger Now is a company that was founded in 1998 based in North Carolina; and since then they have provided over 225 meals in 73 countries. They are a company literally committed to ending hunger. Each meal is not only dedicated to ending hunger, but providing much needed vitamins as well.


If you want to raise money for the food and package it yourself, they will send a truck with the supplies to your company, school, party, or other large event. The truck arrived at SLA around 9:00 am. Several students volunteered to unload the contents of the truck into the gymnasium. This took a little over an hour. Among the things unloaded were bags of rice, dried vegetables, and a type of flour.


Tables were set up. The first station had funnels in the center of bins with the ingredients, gloves, and bags where they would fill the bags with food. At the next station, the students would weigh the bags to make sure there wasn’t too much or too little food. Then they would be handed to the next group to be sealed. Runners would bring them to those who would load them into boxed which would then be taken to the truck.


Once the set-up was completed, the students filed into the gymnasium and each were given a hair net. After a short explanation of the instructions, groups were divided up into the stations. Five at each station to fill the bags with food, One at each of the scales, one at each sealer, several runners, and two at each of the boxing stations — then the rest loaded the boxes into the trucks.


Each time we completed 1,000 meals, a gong was hit and cheering was heard throughout the gym at our accomplishment. South Lancaster Academy raised enough money to package 8,000 meals! Hopefully, next time, we will be able to package many more!

Photo Credit to Ms. Kate


Have you ever worked with Stop Hunger Now? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!


Visit their website here


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