Highway Thru Hell

There is a Travel Channel show called “The Highway Thru Hell.” It is a show based on a towing company called Jamie Davis that worked on the Coquihalla (part of Highway 5) in the mountains of British Columbia. This is one of the most dangerous highways in North America that is 325.6 miles long and known for destroying vehicles.


There are an average of 400-500 accidents (many with fatalities) every winter. Drivers are often not aware, but should be, of sudden weather changes, rock slides, avalanches, and other accidents that they could come upon. It climbs thousands of feet in elevation. The engineers did their best to avoid many of these issues by weaving the road to avoid known rockslide and avalanche areas, and making tunnels where they couldn’t avoid it.


Most of the issues come, however, when inexperienced Coquihalla (the Coq) drivers attempt the journey during bad weather, or when truckers refuse to put on their chains. If they do, some put them on incorrectly or just don’t have enough chains. This is when the really bad accidents can happen, and many of these trucks are hauling precious cargo.


Watching the show really opens your eyes to the seriousness of driving. These towing companies are swamped during the winter with jack-knifed trucks and trailers, flipped, and crushed vehicles. It’s their job to correct the vehicles and get the highway back open as soon as possible. Jamie Davis has one of the best towing companies of the whole Coq, but in the end there was just too much competition so he moved his company further up north to start again.


Nature has a mind of its own, and you should always be careful drivers. The Coquihalla is gorgeous, but deadly in the winter.


Photo taken from here.

Would you ever drive the Coq? Let us know in the comments below!


Info taken from here 


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