Expensive Dresses

This past weekend, I went to a mall that is normally frequented by the wealthier population. I only went because there was a restaurant there that my family wanted to visit. One member of our party wanted to go look at something in a store, so my mother and I decided to walk into one of the higher-end department stores.


While browsing the clothing, I stumbled across a dress that I thought was classy. I pulled out the price tag for sake of curiosity. I stood there aghast. The dress was priced over $3,000 dollars! I thought “okay, this is a high-end mall. This could be fairly normal,” and I walked the other way. I was thinking about the price and wondered if all the dresses were as costly. I stopped by a very simple black dress. The fabric didn’t seem like it was extremely high quality. I expected it to be a few hundred dollars at least — however when I pulled out the tag, I saw the number $4,895. That’s almost $5K!


That got me thinking, what are some of the most expensive dresses in the world, and why are they so highly priced?


First up on our list is Princess Diana’s Opera dress. It is priced at $125,000! It was made by a very famous fashion designer in London named Catherine Walker. She made it out of pure silk and chiffon which is another type of sheer fabric.


Image taken from here.


Next is a Swarovski crystal encrusted dress that was made in Germany. It is black and red, and honestly looks like it could be worn by the queen of hearts! This creation costs $127,000 in U.S. dollars.


Image taken from here.


Let’s step it up a notch with Maria Grachvogel’s dress. Made with silk and studded with 2,000 diamonds! It was shown at Maria’s fashion show and costs a staggering $1.8 million!


Image taken from here.


Now to cap it all off with the most expensive dress of all. A $30 million masterpiece (not that I would ever even consider buying any dress over $200). The Nightingale of Kulala Lumpur red beauty is made with pure cloths such as chiffon, satin, silk, and others. It has a large pear shaped 30-carat diamond and 751 Swarovski crystals. It was unveiled in 2009.


Image taken from here.


Do you think these dresses are worth their posted value? Let us know in the comments below!


Information taken from topteny.com.


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