Amish vs. Mennonite

Every year, my family takes a trip to Amish country in Lancaster, PA. When you get out into the area, it feels as if you have flown back in time. Everything is so simple. You can drive for miles through fields and the only thing you will see are livestock and a few farm houses. It really is a charming place to be.

This trip is actually coming up soon for us, and I’m very excited. Much of what we do is going to eat their amazing food! We have goat cheese, homemade ice cream, Amish raised chicken, fluffy pretzels, and their amazing root beer! We also go to many shops that sell their bedding, carpets, bags, dolls, and many more hand crafted items. 

Some vendors always wear black and white while others use some colored and patterned clothing. Are they different? The answer is yes! The Mennonites were the initial group back in England. A group believed that they were “falling out of practice” ( and split in 1693. The split group was the Amish. Both believe that everything in the bible should be taken seriously and that life should be lived as simply as possible.

The Amish believe in extremely strict dress. The women wear simple undergarments and black or other dark dresses over them. The men wear white shirts with black or dark colored jackets and pants. The men start growing their beard after marriage and do not shave. They also refuse to use any kind of modern inventions like motorized vehicles and even electricity. They use horses and carts to get around, manually mow their lawns, and even construct their buildings by hand.

The Mennonite women do wear patterned dress and you will see the men wearing color. The men will also grow their beards after marriage and will not shave. They do however use limited amounts of modern technology such as electricity, tractors, lawn mowers, and construction vehicles. They do still use horse carriages to travel. The Mennonites are also the ones with more shops open to the public for business.
Have you ever been to an Amish country? Let us know in the comments below!


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