2016 Senior Class Trip

skyzoneThe struggle for this year’s seniors has been real. If you haven’t already heard, the class of 2016 will be spending their class trip in-state due to lack of funds. A good portion of the class was displeased with these results and some confusion was beginning to swirl amidst the class.

Luckily enough, Mr. Lambert is back from paternity leave (as of Monday the 9th) and stopped by our class meeting Wednesday (the 11th of May).

In order to get a general feel of the class’ opinion I asked a few seniors their opinion on the idea of staying in-state for class trip before the meeting Wednesday.

Ashley DaSilva said, “It just stinks because we kept switching ideas for where to go all the time. We didn’t have a steady plan for collecting money from the class. In class the topics were mostly about fundraising when we really just wanted to talk about what we wanted to do for class trip, too.”

“Well, half of us really don’t know what’s going on. I don’t really care about us being in-state for class trip– since when I travel something horrible usually happens to me — I also get sick,” stated Cyan Picard while in journalism class.

DeAnna Brown said, “I don’t really care as long as we’re all there together and get to hang out.”

After the meeting was held, I asked the same students their opinion to see if their opinions had changed at all after getting a better feel for what was going on.

“Well, I’m gonna go on the trip. I’m just happy that we had a productive class meeting and figured out what was going on,” Ashley DaSilva stated on Thursday.

“I mean, I kinda just give up. I’m upset that it’s just day trips. Class trips are supposed to be away and hanging out together. I’m just bummed out that we’re doing mainly day trips,” Cyan Picard followed up.

DeAnna Brown’s opinion, however, was pretty similar to her initial statement. “I’m still interested in going– even though I’m going to miss half of it because of trips– but I’m still going to go.”

Senior Class trip will take place over the course of five days including two nights in cabins. Some of the trips the Seniors are looking forward to are Sky Zone, Natick, Lazer Craze, and the beach. The trip also includes trips to Six Flags New England/Water Park, Ramblewild Obstacle Course, and heading home.

Many in the class would have preferred that we’d gone to Orlando, Florida, but ultimately don’t think it’s worth dropping out and sacrificing their time with friends just because they aren’t going to the preferred destination.

How would you feel if this happened to you? What would you do? Let us know in the comments below!

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