My (Temporary) Parenting Experience

Two days I spent with that thing; the dreaded machine that stole sleep and relaxation from numerous seniors before me.

The first night was terrifying. Seventeen times it cried startling me from my already restless sleep. I loaded up on caffeine the following morning to keep myself awake, but only tired myself further once the caffeine wore off. Never will I make the mistake of drinking coffee to stay awake again.

(P.S. Don’t drink coffee guys.)

Then there was the silence. You’d think this was a good thing, the baby not crying at school. But in truth the thing was just saving it for later when I needed to sleep.

I witnessed classmates suffering the same curse as me falling asleep in classic pure exhaustion. There were moments I was so tired I forgot about the child altogether.

Sometimes the crying would come without warning at the worst of times. The baby was supposed to have a pattern, but my project partner had the first two days when the thing decided to stay on schedule. But by the time I reviewed it the schedule was all out of whack.

In the middle of the night I was thrown for a loop when for the first time the baby asked for the attention key. After that it was all a guessing game. Apparently the longer the baby is activated the more spontaneous the  pattern becomes. So basically I struggled.

Just in case I wasn’t clear enough, I’m referring to the senior Bible project where all seniors have to take care of a robot baby for 48 hours (or even twins if they want extra credit) with only 5 hours of babysitting allowed. Now the question is, did I learn anything from this project? While many of my classmates might disagree with me, I feel I have learned a great amount from this project.

With Mother’s’ day coming up this weekend, the project really made me take a step back and appreciate what both my parents did for me and had to suffer through with me as a newborn. This project was a real eye opener, especially since it was only a fraction of the work that is actually put into parenting a newborn child.

Did I enjoy it? Not exactly; I need my sleep. But it definitely taught me to appreciate sleep, my parents, and the next ten years plus that I won’t have to deal with parenting.

Have you ever participated in a project like this? Have some interesting parenting experiences with newborns? Please share in the comments below!

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