The Bird Walk

The fresh grass is wet and very green. The time for mowing grass is now and the wildlife appearing in the tall blooming trees and the dogs barking while chasing them in the streets and yard. One special creature in particular, the North American Cardinal, is finally back and this time it is seen more than usual coming back to live in our yards and parks.

This vibrant and small creature is very beautiful to watch and hear sing. Male Cardinals cause people to look towards them with their vibrant red warm lava color. While the female can turn head but are not nearly as appreciated with their brown feathers and small sharp red chest shooting out like a bullet from a gun.

In identifying the Northern Cardinal look for a fairly large, long-tailed songbird with a short, very thick bill and a prominent crest. Cardinals will often sit with a hunched-over posture and with the tail pointed straight down.The male colors consist of red, orange and a mix of both colors with a black tipped bill and black face around the bill.

The female consist of brown body with red or orange chest, tails, wings or wing tips. If you want to see a Cardinal they will usually travel in pairs and can be seen feeding off of birdfeeders and flying from small brushes to shrubs in backyards, parks, woodlots, and shrubby forest edges. Northern Cardinals nest in dense tangles of shrubs and vines. Birds are wonderful singers and lovely too see, if you would like to you may leave a comment down below about birds and wildlife or any comment about the article. Click here for were I got my information.


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