The Spring Development


It’s finally April everyone, and it seems like this year’s spring fever wasn’t as bad as last year. With the short winter that New England received this past season, people weren’t nearly as desperate as last year (if you recall the blizzard we had last year coupled with six feet of snow, then I think you’ll understand where I’m coming from).

But yes, spring is finally here and you can really tell. The grass is green, flowers are sprouting (as well as the dandelions… eww), and people are busy spring cleaning. This past weekend, while driving with my dad and sister, we passed by two or three yard sales in a time period of five to ten minutes. My mom has even started cleaning out our place as well.

I have found myself cleaning out my closet frequently both in preparation for the warmer months and also for college (by the way, I’ll be attending Walla Walla University (not sure if I mentioned that already in a previous article)).

Anyways, I decided to ask a friend of mine (Christelle, an SLA student in grade 12) about how she felt spring of 2016 to see if this year was better than last year in terms of winter’s torture.

So Christelle, in what ways was the transition to spring better than this year than last year?

“Well, the weather was a little bit all over the place. There were some really warm days and some colder days, but the warmer days showed that spring was around the corner. But even though we had some strange weather, spring still came faster than it did last year.”

I then took the moment after I talked to Christelle to reflect on last winter and its snow that ran into May. That was ridiculous.

But, I then remembered the summer, which is something that I find myself remembering often especially during the colder months. I then took the opportunity to take some pictures of all of the beautiful flowers that have been popping up around my house and the school. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How was the winter transition for you this year? Let us know in the comments below!



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There are only so many people who can say they're fans of pirates, superheroes, and violin pop; I am one of them. Some would describe me as spontaneous, others a spazz, and some a caffeine addict... that last one is no longer true.

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