The Depression Era

I needed a fast article to write for this class, and the first thing I thought about was this since there was an add on my screen saying how there are local therapists for depression, and then I thought about this kind of depression, and I say sure why not. Because not everyone knows what this Era was anyways, so here we go.

The Depression Era: an era filled with economic depression. Not actual depression. Let’s get that one straight. Another thing is that we will be talking on how most of the people were during this era. Keep in mind that I will be trying to make this generalized, but the fact of the matter is that different places had different effects. I might not be completely accurate for every place, but I will try my hardest. So yeah, might as well get started right?

The Great Depression hit everyone hard. Like a flaming semi-truck. From the old to the young, it didn’t matter where you were, the stock market crash really did affect everyone. Many young kids no longer went to schools because no one ever had the money to pay for it. Most of the kids during this time would be very lucky or rich in order to get an education during this time. On top of that, so many kids were malnourished since there wasn’t enough food to go around. Sometimes even parents would leave kids in orphanages because they weren’t able to pay for the support for them. This was actually pretty heart breaking to see, because no parent ever wants to get rid of their child, but they still had to because the orphanage payed for both food and housing. The parents sometimes couldn’t afford these, so they did what they thought was best for their child.

As for teenagers, they had a rather interesting life. Most of them would be off in search of jobs because most of these teenagers would feel like they were a burden to their family, or were ashamed that they didn’t have a job. They did what any adventure craving teenagers would do — they left their home and roamed the country in search for a job. They would often hitch rides on trains in order to get from place to place; and there would be a huge number of them roaming the United States — more than 250,000. These teenagers would be roaming the country in search of a job or anything close to it. Some people did admire them, but most of the people saw them as a danger or threat mainly due to the fact that they had almost no restraints or possessions, and so many of these teenagers were actually arrested if they were caught.

As for most other adults, bankers had almost little to no jobs since the stock market crashed and many banks closed. Farmers also had it rough. They didn’t sell as much, so they always had to raise their prices until finally, most of the farmers had to give up almost all of their land. Some adults didn’t even have jobs. They had to move to different parts of the country in order to find jobs. Some were homeless, and others couldn’t support their families. Some adults even had to leave behind loved ones in order to find a job far away and send them the money.

Times were very hard during this time for everyone. These were dark times in the United States, man. We can only hope that we have learned from this experience, and that we may never have to see anything like this again.
What would you have done if you lived in the Great Depression? Leave a comment down below telling what you would do!

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