Sturbridge Village

Last Friday, after almost 17 years, my mom decided she wanted to visit Sturbridge Village with me. She hadn’t been since I was about 8 months old. If you’re not from the area, you may be very confused as to what this place is.

Sturbridge village is an outdoor history museum. It is situated as a small town in Sturbridge, MA. Albert and Cheney Wells began collecting artifacts from early New England life such as tools, utensils, furniture, glassware, clocks, farming equipment, and much more. The family decided that they wanted to show off the collection in a village setting.

They have actually transported small houses and buildings from other places in New England to Sturbridge Village! They first opened on June 8, 1946. The setting is supposed to be the early 1900’s and there are various actors to play the parts of publishers, wood board cutters, blacksmiths, and farmers. One of the most popular events are the battle reenactments.

In the back of the property, there are large fields which are used for the reenactments. If you go out there on holidays, you will see battle reenactments with soldiers playing British, and American troops. There are many other fun things to see and do in Sturbridge Village for all ages! There is a gift shop, food, a dessert bar, a playground, and many interactive aspects in the village.
Have you ever been to a living history village? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image taken from here.


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