In sports news this week (though it happened last week) we had our first South Lancaster academy baseball game.  Though we lost it was pretty fun.The game finished with a score of immaculate Heart with a score of seven total runs and your own South Lancaster Crusaders  with a total of six runs. To start with statistic, pitching started with our own Pitcher Daniel Hammond with a total of 15 strikeouts and following behind was IMCL with P.Dion with a total of 14 strikeouts. Moving on to hits was IMCL leading of with T.Jean with three total hits and following behind SLA Crusaders Daniel Hammond with 2. The next is RBI(runs batted in) the leader in the game of RBI was again your own SLA Crusaders Daniel Hammond with three in total, and following him was J.Mooney of IMCL with 2 in total. Leader in walks(when you get a free base off of 4 balls) starts with SLA Crusaders John Ramos with 2 Walks. Here are the lineups for SLA. If you enjoyed and want more baseball games posted you can leave a comment below. If you want to catch up on baseball games or even be able to go to a game check this link here.





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