Mass Amherst

I have taken you through the journey of researching schools, applying, and awaiting answers. Now has come the time to make decisions, and I have made one.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity of going to visit UMass Amherst. It’s been a long journey to get there, and ironically, it is the closest of all I have applied. You see, at the beginning of my application process, my first choice was the University of Colorado Boulder. Although I had been accepted, it got cut out of my list because it was too expensive for me. Then I chose to look into the University of Maine in Orono, however that too was a bit expensive compared to UMass Amherst.

I did choose to attend the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. It was founded in 1863 as a public college in the town of Amherst, MA. There are several reasons I have made this decision. The campus is fairly large with a little over 30,000 students. They had a record amount of applications this year of over 40,000 — and I got accepted with a very good amount of grants and loans. It was the cheapest of all and the academics were statistically better than my other choices.

Although I want to go into engineering, I decided to go here because it is a good school to get me on my feet. They have endless opportunities for internships and travel. They have a huge variety of programs and classes so that if I decide to change my major, it will not be as difficult.

Yes, they do have a reputation of being a “party school” here in Massachusetts. Realistically, however, college is what you make of it. You will find whatever you’re looking for whether it be parties, study groups, drugs, good relationships, internship opportunities, relationships, jobs, etc. I choose to be in the group of students who work hard and study to better their future.

I want to keep my options open. I know that if I decide that I do not like it, I can always transfer to another school; and you can too! Don’t limit yourself. If you love a place, great! Stay! If not, look for another place that may suit you better. Good luck on making your college choices!

Have you made your choice? Let us know in the comments below what it was!

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