The Zika Freak Out

In the last couple of weeks I’ve heard about the Zika virus a few too many times while only being a little bit aware of what it is. I finally decided yesterday that it was time I get on top of my game and finally find out what is up with this Zika.

And what I found was shocking.

I visited the CDC site (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). After reading through a long list of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment and then the areas of which people

Zika Virus

Photo credit CDC (article here)

are affected, I traced back to the last time I’d left the States and had visited a territory.


I remembered that the last time I’d left was for Christmas break to Puerto Rico. But I had no worries; the virus leaves after around a week and I’m only eighteen, so I had no worries about the other issues that might lead to me getting the virus.

If you want to learn about all the details, I suggest you visit the CDC site here.


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There are only so many people who can say they're fans of pirates, superheroes, and violin pop; I am one of them. Some would describe me as spontaneous, others a spazz, and some a caffeine addict... that last one is no longer true.

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