Road Trip to Tennessee

Graduation is coming up for some seniors, and it means not being able to see your friends for a long time. My friends and I decided to take a road trip to Tennessee. Specifically, to Southern Adventist University (SAU) to visit the college and friends. Seven of us packed into a Chevy Suburban and left last Thursday afternoon.


We drove for approximately seven hours and stopped at a hotel for the night. We ate breakfast early the next morning and headed off again at 9:30 am and drove for another 8 hours and arrived at our destination. We all went to the SAU Friday night vespers. Instead of the regular service, it was a night full of just music and praise. Afterwards, we mingled for a bit and went off to bed.


The next morning we went to a nearby high school for church service. The sermon was about the end of times and how we should always be prepared for the second coming. After that, I split from the group and I went with my boyfriend and his friends for a hike at Soddy Daisy which is a river. Even though it was warm outside, the water was very cold! That evening, we went to a drive-in movie to see Jungle Book (really good movie by-the-way!)


On Sunday, I went golfing with my boyfriend and four other friends which was surprisingly enjoyable! Then we went out to eat with all my friends and we did something called “Escape.” You go to a building and basically pay to get locked in a room and solve puzzles and riddles to escape. There are several story lines you can choose from. Ours was that we had been infected with a virus. We had to find the vaccine and escape the room within an hour, we had to crawl through tight spaces, and interact with dead bodies! We had some jump scares with made it that much more fun!
On Monday, my friend walked me around the Southern Campus for a bit. Its not as big as I thought it might be but it was very beautiful! The dorms (which I stayed in) were reasonable sizes and the buildings were fairly nice. The Chapel was quite large and the praise team was very good! There are lots of stairs to climb (good for staying fit!) and so much to do outdoors! There is a rock wall on campus in the woods a ways and a cave that is open once a week. It’s difficult to describe but simply, it was a small, quaint, yet beautiful campus. There are many rules because it is Adventist, but most of them were reasonable.


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We were all sad to leave but it was an amazing bonding experience! We all can’t wait till the next trip!


Have you ever gone on a road trip with your friends? If so, let us know in the comments! We want to hear all about it!


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