Myers-Briggs Personality Types

In the past two-three years I have grown increasingly interested in the Myers-Briggs personality tests. What is the MBTI? Well, they are personality tests in short. The test divides people up into sixteen different personality types, each with their own title and description. The most accurate time to take the test is after maturity, as in maturity a person can change quite a bit and are also trying to discover themselves. In this way the test can be kept accurate.

I give this advice simply because I took the MBTI while in the midst of a difficult time in my life. My results were ISFJ (I’m basically Pam Beesly from The Office (US). This means I am introverted, sensing, feeling, judging individual. As you can see there are four letters in each personality type. The options are introverted vs. extroverted, sensing vs. intuition, feeling vs. thinking, and judging vs. perceiving.

If you want to take the test (there’s roughly 60-80 questions depending on which test you take) you can take it here or here I find that these are the most accurate and entertaining tests. After you take the test type your four letters into your search bar. 16 Personalities and the Personality Page have the most agreeable results in my humble opinion. They give some really sharp results including strengths and weaknesses of that personality and the personality it best pairs with in friendships, relationships, and marriages.

But as you read through the different sections of your results try to keep this in mind; everyone is different. Even though myself (as an ISFJ) and another ISFJ have the same personality, we are still very different and unique people. We all are shaped by our experiences, struggles, birth order, and a ton of other stuff. There are a lot of factors that come into play with our personalities and each of our character.

This also means that if you’re in a relationship with a person that isn’t your personalities “natural” pair, it’s not concrete. If people want to be together they’ll make it work. Relationships don’t depend on the MBTI results of the people, they depend on communication, sacrifice, compromise, and the principle of love. So no worries if you and your significant other are not a “paired” type. The reason that the MBTI isn’t “concrete” is because one, psychology is a pseudo-science and two, the MBTI operates on a scale.

MBTI Types Chart

Photo credit to Jake Beech

Have you ever taken the MBTI personality test in the past or have you just recently taken it? What were your results? Did they shock you? Let me know in the comments below!


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