A&P: More Like the Death of Me

Tis I, your trusty source for inaccurate information! This week we’re going to discuss a topic that’s very near and dear to my little o’l heart, A&P

Now, I love A&P don’t get me wrong but, I hate A&P. It was all fun and games at first, we had seven students in the class, which was surprising because there’s usually less, but we started out with seven promising students. And it was great, we cracked jokes with the teacher, we worked together to finish labs and packets, persuaded the teacher to postpone tests and quizzes.

But then second semester came.
Three students dropped out because they couldn’t handle the ever increasing workload, and the four of us that we’re left, quickly realized the mistake we had made by staying. Our situation could only be compared to that of the titanic. We were forewarned that this class was going to be hard, but this class was hard. Some of my classmates can often be found mumbling incoherently mantras that can be translated into different connecting regions of the body. Our poor history teachers board is constantly covered in Latin and Greek words with illegible definitions.
We have around two to three quizzes a week on topics that we barely comprehend using words that are physically impossible for us to pronounce. Or words that are relatively similar that you still get wrong, like, coracoclavicular, coracoacromial and coracohumeral. My jokes have evolved into that which can only be understood by a select group, making it impossible to connect with other members of the human race.
But on the bright side it’s not all bad, we still joke with the teacher (and by joke I mean she roasts us to no end), we’re still a close-knit group that works on our packets together and complains about other teachers with our teacher. And we’re doing dissections soon! (Cow brain here I come!)
But in the end, it’s all about what you’ve learned. This class has taught us how to manage ourselves in stressful situations while giving us necessary insight to what our college courses are going to be like. So I guess it turned out ok in the end.


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