Yiruma & Henry: The Perfect Duo!

This week the journalism class received some letters from students in South Korea who attend the Korean Advanced Preparatory Academy. The four students a part of the KAPA journalism team responded to our letters from last week and I was paired with John Yun. While reading his letter I was surprised to find out that John Yun was equally interested in Yiruma as me!


Yiruma (Picture found here)

In earlier years I have listened to the pianist’s music quite a bit, mainly his song “River Flows In You”. For those of you who have seen Twilight (I haven’t and I don’t suggest you do) the song was featured in the series (though I’m not sure which movie). Once I heard the song being played by a friend of mine I decided I had to learn it. It took a couple of years to get motivated enough to finally sign up for lessons, but I finally did… but only to learn the one song. Once I was finished I quit piano for the third time (but that’s another story).

Henry on Violin

Henry (Picture found here)

A few months ago I also became interested in Korean music. While listening to EXO radio on iTunes Radio (before you had to register with them) I came across an artist by the name of Henry Lau. He’s from Canada but is Taiwanese and Chinese. He has a beautiful voice and can play many instruments effortlessly such as the violin and piano to name a few.

So you can imagine, considering the fact that I admire both these artists very much, how excited I was to discover that the two had done a duet. The song was a combination of two of Henry’s songs to make “You, Fantastic” mixed in with Yiruma’s famous melody “River Flows In You”. I was ecstatic.

Henry and Yiruma 2

Henry (top right) and Yiruma (bottom left) (Picture found here)

You can watch the music video here!

Feel free to share your thoughts about the song in the comments below!


Feature Image photo credit to Youtube and the aligned account of which the original video is posted (cover photo for video).


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