Walking Versus Running


When it comes to burning calories, which is more efficient? Walking or running? I’ve recently been wondering because the weather has gotten warmer. I usually start going out for walks or runs but I was never really sure as to which one was better. I decided to do a bit of research.

Both doctors and trainers agree that generally running will help you burn the most calories. But why? Running increases your heart rate and the intensity of the work -out is higher than running. This means that your body requires more calories to keep up with the activity.

The downside however, is that if you run over the same distance at the same intensity, your body will adapt and use less calories for the same activity. The solution? Just switch up your routine! There are several different ways to do this. You can walk for a bit, take a hike, go for a bike ride, run up some hills or down some, go to the gym, and do different workouts.

I have asthma and knee problems which does make it a little bit more difficult to keep with running or extremely demanding activities. What I do to compensate is just walk for a bit longer. Hiking is also a good alternative for me because I’m walking, just up a mountain. If you have any of these problems, don’t push yourself too hard because the injuries you’ll get from pushing yourself will be worse than not working out as much as you would like.

The possibilities for workouts and burning calories are endless! If you’re a female looking for other workout possibilities, check out allwomenstalk and if you’re a male trying to switch it up but keeping up that calorie count, check out menshealth. Good luck with your workouts!

Have a suggested workout that works for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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