Synesthesia:The World as it Isn’t

It’s your trusty reporter, back again with more topics that don’t generally matter to the rest of the world!

This week’s topic is Synesthesia which is a mental disorder that yours truly personally has suffered with for her entire fleeting life. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Synesthesia is a perceptual condition of mixed sensations: a stimulus in one sensory modality (e.g., hearing) involuntarily elicits a sensation/experience in another modality (e.g. vision). Likewise, perception of a form (e.g., a letter) may induce an unusual perception in the same modality (e.g. a color).

To put it bluntly, people with synesthesia are able to “hear colors” or “taste words”, and only about 4% of the population have this condition.I, for example associate the numbers 0-13 with different personality traits, and some are nicer than others. Other people will associate, say, numbers with colors; ex. 6 is green or 4 is purple. For some people maybe certain letters are associated with flavours, it’s different for everybody.

So like I said, my type of synesthesia is one where I associate the numbers 0-13 with different personalities, this type of synesthesia is known as ordinal-linguistic personification. Now, I already have dyscalculia ( which will be saved for a later article) and because that condition had gone so long without having been diagnosed, I have an extreme adversity to anything associated with numbers.

So for me, this is how I view numbers.
0. Is like a background character that you forget is even there; shows up to move the plot along.

1.  More minor character than background; has more screen time than 0; makes the other numbers feel better about themselves.

2. Weakling; gets taken advantage of often by the other numbers; unrequited love is 4.

3. Likes to bully 2; reminds me of those short bullies on t.v; in love with 9.

4. Likes to play the hero a lot; friends with two; hates 9; has to rescue 2 a lot from 3; in love with 8; role model is 5.

5. Everybody’s best friend; does a lot of stupid things; hangs out with 6 a lot; 10 is its dad.

6. Narcissistic; only likes 5; is suspicious of 3.

7. Generally weak; is sympathetic towards 2; annoying; is 3’s lackey; most annoying when combined with itself.

8. Damsel in distress; airhead; constantly bullied by 9; thinks 4 is adorable.

9. Obsessed with 8; also constantly bullies 8; hates 4; once schemed with 7 to try to capture 8; very mean; is a jock.

10. Is 5’s father; tries to solve conflicts; everybody ignores him.

11. Doesn’t like anybody; people like them; is socially awkward.

12. Mother figure; emotional support; is there to calm the other numbers down.

13. Science geek; thinks it’s better than everyone else; shows favoritism towards 4.

The thing about synesthesia is that it’s different for everybody, and because of that, synesthetics with the same traits tend to argue about what means what. Now I’m sure that’s really funny to watch but really frustrating to experience.

So does anyone else have synesthesia? What was your experience with it?


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