Voce Tour

Last week Voce went on tour in Puerto Rico where they went to San Juan and Old San Juan and sang for many Seven Day Adventist churches. This group includes many students from all different high school grades.

I asked a student to give me a small summary of something fun she did over the trip. Here is her summary of one of the Greatest weeks of her life. To have a better view remember that she is a 15 year old sophomore in South Lancaster Academy. Her name is Victoria DaSilva and this her short summary.

“March 3rd; the day our adventure began. The first day of one of the best weeks I’ve ever had. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful and happy I am for having the opportunity to go to Puerto Rico with Voce. I loved the island, and enjoyed the warm weather and scenery.

In the 7 days that we were there, I got to see and do all kinds of things. For example, sing in the caverns of Camuy, try all kinds of different foods (mofongo is really yummy), and go to 3 different beaches. I met students my age with a different culture, went to many churches, sang with the Antillean University choir, we shopped in San Juan, and many other things. I wouldn’t trade the great memories I made for anything.”

If you enjoyed this article or have any comments on the article you can leave them down below. Thanks for reading and see you next week with another article about Voce tour in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.


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