Hairy World Records

World Records are hard to achieve, and once achieved, you’re in the books till someone beats you! There are is an extremely wide variety of different kinds of world records. Today, the Hairy ones caught my attention! Lets take a look!

Longest Mustache:

First up is Ram Singh Chauhan’s mustache with the worlds longest mustache! Chauhan is from India and his mustache measures out at 14 feet on March 4, 2010. At least he’ll never have to buy rope!


Picture taken from here

Mustache Championships:

German, Karl-Heinz Hill has won with style and determination and taken the title 8 times of winner of the “World Beard and Mustache Championships” from the Imperial partial beard category. I’ve never seen a beard groomed like that before…interesting…



Picture taken from here

Hairy Family:

Hailing from Mexico, the Gomez and Acevez families are part of a family line spanning 5 generations of hairiness caused by a condition called “congenital generalized hypertrichosifs”. The men can have hair covering up to 98% of their bodies! Girls, what do you think about that?!


Picture taken from here

Hairiest Teenager: 

From Thailand, Supatra “Nat” Sasuphan holds the title of the worlds hairiest teenager on March 4, 2010. At the time she claimed to be happy and and didn’t feel different than anyone else. Talk about shiny hair!


Picture taken from here


Whats the craziest World Record you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments below!


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