Dog Tags

Have you ever just happen to be walking outside and come upon on something great?If you have, raise your hand. Now if you have come upon an old World War two dog tag raise your hand ? Lets see how many of you have no ! Not so many of you now,as you can tell, just kidding. This happened to me on sunday and was amazing a. I was outside walking my dog and i saw a dirty tin metal tag on the ground which look like a little kids toy, so i thought nothing of it. The i put it on my desk and my dad saw and reacted like a maniac saying do you even know what this is. Being not very talented in World War Two information, so i was dumbfounded. Then he brought me into his office and showed me a book that contained many names from old World War Two veterans that served in Clinton. As we looked we found his name next to what seemed to be family members of his. We don’t have much much information on the dog tag or the person but have found enough to prove that he was a real man. The Dog tag was the most interesting thing that i have found in my backyard. We are hoping to go to the clinton memorial center and found out more information so we can return it to the rightful owners, the family. This is the most fun i have had in a while if you enjoyed this story you can leave your comments below. Thank you for your attention and have a good day.


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