All About Jacksepticeye

“Top of the mornin’to ya laddies!”

If you like watching gaming commentaries, you’ve most likely heard of PewdiePie. A few years ago, PewdiePie made a contest that would earn the winners a shoutout on his YouTube Channel. That is how Jacksepticeye, or Sean McLoughlin, became famous.

Sean is the youngest of his family born February 7, 1990 in Ireland to a family of 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He was best friends with the sister born right before him throughout his childhood. He loved to climb trees and as a result his favorite superhero was spiderman!

Sean’s interest in video games began at about the age of 5-7. His siblings didn’t really like to play so he made friends who would play with him. The first gaming system he owned was the Nintendo Gameboy, as he describes it, “the really big gray brick”. His favorite game to play on it was Pokemon Blue. He says his mother surprised him with the game and that it came directly from China.4d95796160bce8ac46e792e1991a0354

The next gaming system he owned was the Play Station 1 which he got when he was about 7. Sean says he played it all the time! Because he did, he never really did that well in school. He never failed anything but found it difficult to concentrate.

Right around the time he got his first girlfriend at 16, his parents decided to move closer to his grandmother which he says “was unfortunately out in the middle of absolutely nowhere.” He moved into a small wooden cabin. When he started YouTube, he says it was a good thing because he could shout as loud as he wanted and no one could hear him. For those of you who watch his videos, well, now you know!

He went on to go to college and studied Music Technology which he was really passionate about. Unfortunately Sean was never really happy there. After 2 years, he decided to leave. During this time, he and his girlfriend broke up after 4 years. As a result he got really lonely and went online to find people to talk to which is where he met his girlfriend from Korea!

Sean went to visit his girlfriend and after returning to Ireland decided to go back to college and was determined to move to Korea to teach English there. This is when his YouTube career started. He had seen gamers and wanted to try that. However he didn’t actually start with doing gaming commentaries. Instead he started doing impressions.

After watching more gamers, Sean uploaded his first gaming commentary and things just went from there! He gave his channel the name “jacksepticeye” because when he was younger, he got an injury during soccer resulting in an eye infection. His friends gave him the nick-name Jack septic eye. After awhile, someone sent him a message about PewdiePie’s shoutout contest. He decided to enter knowing that he probably wouldn’t win but just wanted to try. He says “There were hundreds of thousands of other applicants and I said ‘Yeah, this is never gonna happen.’”

Sean had forgotten all about the contest when he was sitting at his desk reading the comments on his videos and suddenly his phone “absolutely exploded.” He decided to check the subscriber count and saw that the numbers were skyrocketing! He had no idea what was going on! Then he saw more comments and messages about the shoutout contest and realized that he was one of the winners.

This gave him the motivation he needed to go full-drive into YouTube. He was still in college studying Hotel Management but all his attention was now on YouTube. He decided not to quit this time, however, and finished his courses and passed all his exams. Since May of 2014 he as been doing YouTube full-time. He now lives in an apartment in the city with all his friends.

Sean gives all the credit of his success to his viewers and now has almost 9 million subscribers. He may come across very strongly in many of his gaming videos but you see that he is very humble and just honestly enjoys what he does. Check him out here!

Who is your favorite YouTuber? Let us know in the comments below!

The information from this article has come from a video “Draw my Life” from Sean, or jacksepticeye himself in 2014. His videos have gotten progressively better and are very entertaining to watch. Check it out!


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