Valentine’s Day: His Perspective!

imageValentine’s Day is actually a Catholic Holiday used to celebrate an early martyr named Saint Valentine. In early medieval times there was no mention of romance… weird right? Valentine’s Day is not a holiday created to warm the hearts of everyone. I think it’s cute holiday for couples to do something adorable for each other like give gifts, bouquet of roses, and chocolates. Most people are cynical toward the holiday because of the days’ potential to remind people that they’re “alone” – as if they didn’t know already. This holiday could turn into a puddle of negativity. I remember how elementary school was amazing on Feb. 14, when you gave everyone in your class cards with stickers with hearts and Cupids on them along with a bunch of candy… but who cares if you don’t have anyone to overwhelm your feelings with? Celebrate it by buying yourself strawberry covered chocolates!

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be a holiday that forces guys to give their girlfriends cheesy teddy bears that are stamped with the white cursive, ” I love you.” You should always express your feelings to your significant other. Don’t just do something special for that one day.

Why do I have to buy presents for girls? Why isn’t it both ways? Why is it a big deal, we don’t even take a day off from it! It’s a whack day, it’s a day for someone to be greedy. A reason for me to be broke. It’s overrated. Boys don’t care about Valentine’s Day until they have someone. Some boys responded that “it’s stupid!” However there’s nothing wrong with doing something  nice for your partner. You should always do something spectacular!

-“It a time to do something special for your significant other. It’s nice to do something out of the ordinary and go for the gold.” Mr. Fellows 

– “I don’t believe I should celebrate my love to my wife once a year, I should show my love everyday. You only do something special for for one day do something nice, what about the others.  Don’t be cheap for one day, but celebrate for everyday!” Pastor. Nīno 

Please your comments below! Also give us your experience or what you think about Valetine’s day!


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