My first day in SLA!

imageI’ve introduced you to a lot of seniors from South Lancaster Academy and their experience like Tristan Johnson, Stephen LaFrankie and Jared Allain. This person I will present to you his name is Carl Hendy Aguy, he started attending here in January. Carl moved to Massachusetts because his father got a job as Pastoring here, in his whole life he moved because of his fathers job.He came from Sant Aurora, Colorado he attended Eaglecrest High school to South Lancaster Academy.

The first day at SLA, don’t know what to really say, but all my life I would start school in public, now I am in a private. Not much have changed other then the religion part we could read the bible and talk about God. My first day here was great, everyone was nice and kind to me they showed me my classes. The teachers were nice to me as well. So far what was important was that they made me feel welcome and that I belonged here like any other school I attended. I’m happy I get to finish my senior year in South Lancaster Academy.

– Thank you, Carl Aguy for telling us your first day in SLA!

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