Your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Run for the cards and chocolates! The day is nearing. Either that or run for cover for those of you who dread even the thought of the pink and red hues scattered about. Valentine’s day has snuck up on us again. The evidence plasters every store in pinks and reds and the shelves with cards, chocolates, and ginormous teddy bears.

But there’s a problem that everyone faces at some point; what to buy? Well, for those of you who would prefer not to buy chocolates and roses and would prefer something a bit more unique, I’ve got a list for you.

For all the girls out there who are struggling to find a gift for your guy, here’s your list.

  • Pixel heart heat changing mug ($11)


  • I love you bean ($4)


  • World’s Largest Hershey’s Kiss ($22)


  • Coupons from the heart ($5.13)


  • We go together like… Mugs ($24)


For all the guys out there who are struggling to find a gift for their girl, here’s a list for you. (Just a little note, don’t forget a card with these gifts. Girl’s appreciate a present, but your words will (or at least should) mean more).

  • Stacked heart candles (these you can  make yourself. You can get the directions here.


  • “Wood you be mine?” Notebook (You can get the directions how to make it here.)


  • Hammock table ($53)


  • Personalized rose ($30)


  • Personalized stump ring ($210)



Any other ideas that you think should be on this list? Share your ideas down below! I’m sure that the advice is well needed! If you don’t have any ideas, feel free to share about an unforgettable Valentine’s day gift that you’ve received.


About Sabrina N. Mapes

There are only so many people who can say they're fans of pirates, superheroes, and violin pop; I am one of them. Some would describe me as spontaneous, others a spazz, and some a caffeine addict... that last one is no longer true.

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