What a Girl Needs

Love is in the air. Blah!! I dislike it so very much but since I’m not a girl I don’t have a opinion from a girls point of view. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Ughhh!!  I decided I should ask around on how girls view Valentine’s Day . I got many unusual answers and I would like to share some.

I asked one girl what Valentines meant to them she answered me with “irrelevant” and “not important to me at all”. My type of an answer.

I got other answers. One answer was that it is “a day to spend with family and friends”. If she means watching the show Friends, then why not.

The next question I had asked was what do you expect to get on Valentine’s Day. The most common answer was chocolate. They followed up with the ‘food that you like’, roses, stuffed animals, hugs and kisses, and ‘just an appearance from the one that you love’.

The last question I had asked the girls was what is the best thing about Valentines Day. They answered with “the clearance candy at the store”  and  “the love I get from my boyfriend and family.”.

Some of the girls despised the meaning of Valentine’s Day. They said things like “why do we have one day of love. Shouldn’t we love each other every day.”. The way that girls speak of Valentine’s Day actually makes some sort of sense to me but doesn’t change my opinion.

If you liked this article and feel the need to give advice or words of wisdom you can comment below. Thanks for reading.


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