I’m A Senior!

image.pngI’ve introduced  you to various seniors that attended to South Lancaster Academy Jared Allain, Christelle Omeler, and Gabe Taveras. Now I present to you Loree Drasich one of the coolest person ever, actually the chillest person in the senior class. During spirit week we had throwback and she wore the best outfit of the day; she came in a unicorn onesie. She attended Browning Elementary to South Lancaster Academy for eleven years and  will be graduating from here. Loree is part of Voce, choir and the yearbook and is also in the step team in SLA she is very involved in a lot of activities.

My experience with SLA has actually been pretty good. No place is perfect, high school is never a perfect place to be. I’ve had some great teachers, great friends, and outstanding opportunities. The friendships and bonds that’s are made here are unforgettable. It breaks my heart that I’ll be leaving in mere months. Soon the people ice come to personally know are such treasures. Overall, I’m actually pretty glad that I came here. I’m sad that I’m leaving my classmates, they’re more like my family. Even the ones who joined in our class this year couldn’t love them less. We all been through a lot, I’m very glad that I will graduate with them the Best Senior Class 2016!

Thank you Loree Drasich for telling us your experience in South Lancaster Academy! Please leave any comments below!



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