New students 

South Lancaster Acadamy usually gains new students thought out the school year. This new year we gained a new student. I decided to do an interview with. I started by saying hi and my name and he did the same. I asked if he would like to do an interview a son he answered me yes. This is the short but information talk we had.

What’s is your full name?
Carley Yvens Aguy.

How old are you?


What grade are you in?

I am a Sophomore.

How was your first day?

It was fun and good I was looking forward to gym,so that was cool.

Where are you from?

I am from Boston Massachusetts.

Do you play any sports?

Yeah I play basketball and I like football.

Do you have anything you like to do outside of school  if so, what are they?

I like spending time with family you could say and yeah that my thing.

Why did you come to SLA?

I was forced, when I moved my parents said your going to SLA and here I am.

Was this your choice to come to SLA?

No not really.

Who do want to be seen as in school?

I would like to be seen as athletic.

Do you have anything that you like that helps you move forward in live?

I like this book it the first one I think I’ve ever read its name is “We could be brothers” and I like it because it connects with me.

Are ready for this new school?

Yeah I ready I’m looking forward to seeing the school being rebuilt.

I hope you enjoyed the interview. The school is a area where we can be friends and see our likes and dislikes what we are good for and how we got here. If you have any comments you leave them below.


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