Couple Holidays: Ways to be Alone in A Different Country

Hello it’s your trusty reporter Cyan here writing about a topic that I have no business writing about, couple holidays in Korea! And my question is not as to why I’m writing about them, but why in all of God’s good glory did Miss Kate think that it was a good idea to let Cyan write about romance which she knows nothing about! So without further ado, COUPLE HOLIDAYS!!!

Let’s start with February, the month of Looove! (muffled dry heaving)

Feb 14 is Valentine’s Day (lol surprise) It’s celebrated the same way that we celebrate it here, but the only difference being that, the girls give the guys that they like homemade chocolate. They also give their coworkers obligation chocolate.  That’s it.

Mar 14 is White Day! This is an idea that should be adopted by us westerners, as Valentines Day is to women, White Day is to men. This is the glorious day in which men give women hard candies (y’all a bunch of weirdos) in return for the chocolates the women gave them.

April 14 a day made especially for me, in Korea it’s known as Black Day. A day where singles gather together and (drink till someone they black out(get it, Black outDay)) mock the committed over a bowl of 짜장면 (Black Bean Noodles) and scope out people desperate enough to date them.

May 14 is Yellow Day (Friendzone Day)! This one is a really gross holiday where couples (gross sobbing) dress up in yellow and give each other roses. And for all you lonely singles out there, this is a day where you get to eat *drumroll* Yellow Curry!! In hopes that it will spice up your life.

June 14 more commonly known as Kiss Day… (Eyeroll’s away) One could describe it as the perfect day to either be all by yourself and watch couples make out in the hallway with a vengeance, or, you know, ask someone out so you too can be the gross couple.

July 14 has been designated the title of Silver Day! And I’m gonna let you take a wild guess as to why that is. Done? Good. So most likely you were wrong, so I’ll tell you the correct answer which is, a day in whence couples exchange silver rings and discuss future plans for marriage (whatever that is). It’s the last chance for s/o’s to (escape) gently leave the relationship if desired before the dreaded “meet the parents.”

August 14 say hello to Green Day! (and not the band!) A days designated for drinking 소주 (soju) and drowning your sorrows in nature where they’ll most likely find your body in the morning. The name Green Day comes from the green bottle in which the sorrows are drowned.

September 14 is Photo Day/Music Day. And as you can probably guess this is a day made especially for singing and regrettable Facebook-worthy photos. 노래방 (Noraebang’s) become increasingly popular around this time as people have nothing better to do with themselves.

October 14 Because you could never have enough alcohol, it’s Wine Day! Where couples do that romantic sappy thing like in the lady of the tramp where they share a glass (or like the entire bottle) of wine over a romantic dinner. Singles DRINK TO FORGET!

November 14  say 아양  to Leonardo Dicaprio, because it’s Movie Day! A day in which people get to snuggle up with the (theater seat) and pay to see people with more exciting love lives than you!

December 14 for you sad lonely people out there we have, Hug Day! The only plausible excuse to make physical contact with your crush without it being totally awkward! Oh yeah and a day for couples to be gross in the hallways and you can’t say crap about it.

January 14  yay for Diary Day/ Candle Day! This sounds wierd as hell to a foreigner and it is! It’s a low-key way to keep track of what your significant other thinks about you by giving them a diary for them to keep track of special events and stuff… And if you’re single… There’s just a ton of cute stationary around that you can drown your sorrows in.


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