Student Week of Prayer

Each year South Lancaster Academy has something special for chapel.The last week of first month of the new year is good and informational relaxing time with Christ. It is student week of prayer. This week the topic is strength. The line up for students includes many class. We can start with freshman Selina O’Conner and Joel Morin and sophomore Lurene Omeler we also have sophomore Mikayla Olmedo and senior Ellen De Olivera . I spoke (Daniel Hammond) for today. The story’s that have been told are very enjoyable and hit your heart when they are told. This week of prayer is meant to bring us a students together. It shows that we as students can speak the word of God and understand it. Many sermons come to a surprise and also seem so long. No matter the situation we always hear the word of God. The student week of prayer lasts from January 25-30. The week is filled with many prayers and new songs that we have fun singing. The praise team is full of cheer and standing singers who amazingly sing their hearts out. This week is not over yet and is sure to be plenty of fun.

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