The New Semester

The new semester has begun and student are starting to get used to classes again. This is a bittersweet semester for the Seniors. We will be leaving by the end and lot’s of decisions need to be made between now and the end of school, but enough about that!

Those in Multi-Cultural History have gone into Physical Education IV. For Physical education, the students are now working on creating their own 12 week work out program that they will follow till the end of the school year. Those who had previously been in PE IV have transferred to “World History since 1945”.

The students in this class have taken a look at Billy Joel’s song, “We didn’t Start the Fire” because of a the historical references. Each student got a verse of the song to do their projects on. They will be presenting at the start of next week. One last change that the History department has taken on this semester is the U.S. Govt. class has become an Honors class for this semester.

Wood working is another class that has started this semester. I can speak from experience that it is a very fun class. I took it the second semester of my freshman year in high school. We were taught the importance of safety when working with the equipment, what safety precautions to take, and what to do if something went wrong. Throughout the class, we take on several different types of wood working projects.

Many students have changed it up by adding or dropping classes. Lets hope this semester is a good one, and memorable one at that!

What classes would you like to take if you had the choice? Let us know in the comments below!


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