Senior Graduation Update: Senoritis

You don’t know it’s happening until it’s too late.

First you sit down to do you’re homework. But what’s that? That object next to you? A phone? Yes, a phone. You see the phone. You want the phone. You grab the phone. A few digits later and you’re in.

But what next? What to do with this device? Oh look, Vine. Vine is funny, and you’re board. You open the app.

A few giggles, chuckles, laughs and tears later you glance at the clock.

But wait – how did that happen?! An entire hour gone already? But it’s too late for you to finish that thing you were supposed to do… That thing, what was it again?

You pause for a moment and it hits you.


But it’s your last semester in high school, and the college you wanted to attend already accepted you. And with your grades you could flunk the last semester and still pass. However, if you did the college might not be so okay with that.

But still, it’s you’re very last semester. So shrugging off this one assignment won’t do anything, right? You’ll be perfectly fine!


If this has every happened to you, you’re probably suffering from senioritis. Some of the effects may include:

  1. Lack of interest in homework
  2. Easily distracted by electronic devices
  3. Making excuses as for reasons to skip out on work
  4. Excessive Netflix bingeing
  5. Excessive laziness

Courtesy of Google Definitions

So what you’re probably asking right now is if there is a cure. And to be honest, it’s entirely up to you. The cure is the worst of worst things; motivation. That’s right, I said it! Motivation is the cure to senioritis. Question is, how to you obtain this ‘motivation’? Well, depending on the extremity of the case, the more effort you may need to put in.

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(The above is from a blog called Hyperbole and a Half)

Just know that you’re not alone in your struggle. A majority of seniors suffer from senioritis at one point or another. One way you can reduce the severity is by making check lists (if you’re a list person like me). Sometimes the reward is just in feeling like you’ve accomplished something and that you got to check something off you’re to-do list.

Sometimes you gotta take a few hits to realize that you gotta pick up the pace; and you’re grades will definitely hit you. This, unfortunately, is the result of long-term senioritis. You’re grades will drop and before you know it, you’re GPA will melt before your eyes.

My best suggestion is just to enforce self-discipline and remove all electronics from the premises while doing work. Make a list throughout the day so that you can remember what you’re supposed to do. Sit down and take breaks every hour to make sure that you don’t strain your brain. Reward yourself for good studying and progress with a sweet or a few minutes to yourself. If you’ve been real good, watch a max of a half hour on Netflix to wind down.

So what do you think? Can you think of any other solutions to senioritis? Were the suggestions above successful? Feel free to leave comments in the box below!


About Sabrina N. Mapes

There are only so many people who can say they're fans of pirates, superheroes, and violin pop; I am one of them. Some would describe me as spontaneous, others a spazz, and some a caffeine addict... that last one is no longer true.

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